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Damm, he is good.
I wear bow ties quite frequently. I have only once recieved a negative comment and get positive feedback quite frequently.
Christmas comes early for Conne? Will she be doing a shower scene?
Quote: Originally Posted by BDC2823 What if two football teams are tied at 9-6 and fighting for that last playoff spot and Team A plays a playoff team fighting for home field while Team B plays the Colts who have locked everything up and sit all their starters. Team A loses in a nailbiter and Team B wins because they are playing against a bunch of scrubs and Manning, Wayne, Freeney, etc. are all riding pine. Should Team B be embarrassed at getting that...
Quote: Originally Posted by furo I'm in agreement with a few of the comments above. As a competitor, I wouldn't be proud or willing to accept a "gimme" from an opponent. It diminishes the value of the sport itself, and deserves no thanks. Honestly, it's cheating. Simply because you're friends with another competitor does not make it okay to throw the game. QFT I am not ramped up about this. If I were the golfer who received this...
Readeing Money by Amis. The protagonist reminds me of an adult Holden Caulfield.
I played competitive basketball my whole life. No, not intramurals. I actually got a scholarship to a college to put points in peoples faces. I like to earn my athletic accomplishments. This guy was not injured or mentally retarded. No mitigating circumstances existed to warrant giving him a free pass. Generally you have to earn an invitation to a national tournament.
If I were the other golfer I would be pissed.
I will use a combination of time outs and spanking. I do not think all situations call for a time out and I am certain some situations could call for a little physical reinforcement. I do not think either system is perfect but used together they can probably be very effective. My parents occasionally would give me ten or fifteen minutes of quiet time in my room and then I would get spanked. Very effective technique..
Stupid cops. No reason to taser him. I dont want to live in a country where people are too scared to run onto a baseball field.
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