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Wow! a more worthwhile read than almost everything in CE and certainly more worthwhile whan the entire SW&D sub forum.
I wonder if the hypothesis in the OP applies to all Presidents or just to 20th century presidents? If a little bit of time passing can put a good polish on Kennedy how much more so for Washington or Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt? Are all are heros liars and dissemblers? Does the idea of scizophrenia in politicians apply equally throughout all of history or is it a phenomenon that rears its head when the atmosphere of the day calls for it? This may have been discussed...
I have done the pork rillettes from Charcuterie and they are awesome. I am going to be attempting the venison sausage recipe soon. I will look forward to seeing your results.
I would say do a whole fish, already descaled and gutted, baked in a salt crust. The fish comes out really tender and delicious plus it makes for a pretty spectacular presentation at the table. Just be sure to have a hammer nearby.
I have a jacket from them. I love it.
I dont even know how to pretend to post in this thread.
I would say a sombrero and an american flag speedo.
If you cant properly cut onions freehand... you suck.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Tagut you have crappy taste in wymyn. So tagut has bad taste in women, add that to everything else that SF says says tagut has bad taste in. Include heroin and condiments.
My work blocked SF like 8 weeks ago. Whats happening in this therad?/
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