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I will use a combination of time outs and spanking. I do not think all situations call for a time out and I am certain some situations could call for a little physical reinforcement. I do not think either system is perfect but used together they can probably be very effective. My parents occasionally would give me ten or fifteen minutes of quiet time in my room and then I would get spanked. Very effective technique..
Stupid cops. No reason to taser him. I dont want to live in a country where people are too scared to run onto a baseball field.
NorCal... great looking puppy.
You could probably get away with a onesy. this one seems pretty classy.
You could get more flair.
The roar of the lion was awesome!!
Best thread on SF.
Lonestar would.
In Soviet Russia, photo takes you!
My guess is that it is for an architect. They could roll up plans and blueprints and place them in the reinforced lower compartment and carry them without fear of crushing them.
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