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can anyone speak to wether or not the xxl inis meain sweaters have longer sleeves than the xl?
I can second the soller rec. I am wearing it right now and even though I have a wide foot it fits quite comfy.
If we do a pebble grain or hatch grain mto for the fall I will be in. I have to stop buying shoes. I only have room for a pair of spectators and a cordovan penny loafer until next fall.
Speaking of this shoe, any update on timeline for the MTO delivery?
I could be interested in the v caps in black. Calf or cordovan.
I know you guys who have bought shoes from Steve in the past already know this, but I am totally blown away by Steves professionalism and promptness. What a great guy to work with! I recently had an issue with a pair of boots and Steve has gone above and beyond to make sure that I get taken care of. Thanks Steve! You have my wholehearted recommendation for shoe pusher of the year!
Cool, I am in then.
Is that whats happening? Is that called spermzzatura?
thanks for the helpful answer greg. It is gonna be weird for my office staff to see me take off pants and measure them. I dont cur, thats what is happening.
Since I am out on the loafer I think I will jump in on that chukka. I voat for red or purple. That thing is on the rain last right?
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