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I am in for the goldfinger tweed. 4 meters please. Edit: Is the consensus on this that it will be no good for a suit?
Biggest incoming to date for me.
Any idea on where to find espradilles in a US 13?
I can do rain and single leather.
I could be interested in this.
can anyone speak to wether or not the xxl inis meain sweaters have longer sleeves than the xl?
I can second the soller rec. I am wearing it right now and even though I have a wide foot it fits quite comfy.
If we do a pebble grain or hatch grain mto for the fall I will be in. I have to stop buying shoes. I only have room for a pair of spectators and a cordovan penny loafer until next fall.
Speaking of this shoe, any update on timeline for the MTO delivery?
I could be interested in the v caps in black. Calf or cordovan.
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