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thanks for the helpful answer greg. It is gonna be weird for my office staff to see me take off pants and measure them. I dont cur, thats what is happening.
Since I am out on the loafer I think I will jump in on that chukka. I voat for red or purple. That thing is on the rain last right?
how the heck do the sizes on Rota trousers work? I am a 38 us. Is that a 56 eu or uk or whatever the hell those numbers are? Size your pants in American, dammit!!!! These colors dont run!!
Oh man, we lost the tassel. Guess I am out.
sigh. I thought this post was going to be about an actual safari.
That double monk boot in chestnut would be amazeballs.
The first one is a sonnet in black and white. The second one is vulgar and makes me randy.
I have it someplace....Maybe it is on a different computer. White shirt and camel DB, if memory serves.
I am a big guy. If that stuff is long. I am actually still a big guy even if that stuff isn't long lol. Hit me up spoo.
Honestly, after holding this tie I am thinking about buying all versions of it.
New Posts  All Forums: