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I would certainly be willing to pay a surcharge to get this done.
It looks like Shell is not going to be an option for the foreseeable future. Anyone want to do that single monkstrap on the rain last in black lizard? Is there such a thing as navy lizard? I would be in for navy calf as well.
Samuelsohn has a good reputation for mtm. Pretty good value. I wouldn't be concerned about using them. I am very unfamiliar with their fabric selection so I will withhold comment on that.
Just picked up the wine striped grenadine. Very much looking forward to my first ET tie.
you can wear it with everything. Not kidding. You owe to yourself to get a pair.
I am in for the goldfinger tweed. 4 meters please. Edit: Is the consensus on this that it will be no good for a suit?
Biggest incoming to date for me.
Any idea on where to find espradilles in a US 13?
I can do rain and single leather.
I could be interested in this.
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