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Could put the team into a charitable remainder trust and then the trustee could direct the trust to sell it with no capital gains tax.
Oddly enough, A ton of the people I follow on twitter just became big Maya Angelou fans.
Thanks for the answers about the denim a few pages back. About to take the jump. Can anyone comment on the versatility of the Niche Blue loose-knit cotton short sleeve pocket sweater? Is this a summer thing? Is it more of a cool nights shirt? I am intrigued i just am unsure of how I would use it.
My wife and I are leaving illinois in the next 6 months. It is really amazing that it sucks so bad. So much potential, so squandered.
we have all been there
This may be a problem that is common here on the CM side of SF so I am just gonna ask here. I know nothing about jeans. There I said it. Can someone please just tell me what Big John jeans I should try? I am 6'5" and 235 lbs. I dont know how they should fit, I dont know anything about dye or raw denim or unadulterated Japanese selvedge. I have one pair of jeans that are covered in chainsaw grease and ball sweat. I will only wear jeans a few times a month and I dont want to...
Well I would also be in for brown. Are you sure that they stopped stocking spice. I am pretty sure there is another MTO floating around for them which is spice or copper (which I think are the same thing for Carmina).
I am interested. I think it would be great in spice!
I am just now recovering from that hawks blues game last night. This series is insane.
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