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You are a humanitarian.
How hot is said co-ed?
Thanks for all the info guys. I am so happy to learn that their are other people who do not identify as human. I totally identify as a good bottle of chateauneuf du pape. I am fierce, earthy and brooding with a little bit of violet and Provencal herbs. Drink me up!
Not pertinent to discussion. Cats are not required to pay back loans.
I think we have all done at least a few minutes of ass research.
Can someone explain to me what bigendered and catkin mean? Trying to lose my CIS scum status but need help!
Grey suede chelseas!! What has been seen cannot be unseen.... navigate away!!!!! Do not reach for wallet!!
Perhaps the Toronto team should be named after a team not already in existence? Something patriotic would be nice. The Canadiens perhaps.
His best dressed real man applications are legendary.
^^^ My favorite part is: Him: yes my ancestors have been raped in Israel and all over Europe. Her: Thats unfortunate. Him: thats what you edomites always say.
New Posts  All Forums: