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I am interested. I think it would be great in spice!
I am just now recovering from that hawks blues game last night. This series is insane.
I have my first TYT purchase incoming from ET. The pictures online were great and I am quite hopeful that the tie will live up to the brands reputation.
This thread brings the lulz.
What are you people talking about? FC are totally acceptable and cuff links in good taste are unassailable. You may not want to wear your emerald dollar sign cufflinks all the time but that is no reason that a sensible pair of cuffs cannot be an elegant solution for sleeve closure. geeze.
I really like 6, 2 and 7. I would be open to any one of them. I am leaning towards 5 fold presently.
I Am Very Interested
If Greg can get this cut for us that would be pretty cool
Wear them playfully. Linen pants and linen shirts.
You could always bhole it.
New Posts  All Forums: