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When is that Eidos field jacket going to be made in blaze orange dammit!!!!
These are all perfectly acceptable and even encouraged.
Another vote for a blaze orange GMTO.... I have my wallet open right now and just want to give away my money so bad for this.
I second
I think the fox suede would be great. Below is a picture for those interested.
that forest last split toe loafer sounds good to me. I would be quite interested..
I came into this thread hoping there would be loafer conversation. I was not disappointed. I would however prefer to have the loafer in brown leather. If suede is to be insisted upon I would be interested in a lighter color than navy or dark green. Something in the cinnamon range would be perfect.
This executive order on illegal immigrants is pretty much killing any chance (if the chance ever existed at all) of a functional relationship between the legislative and executive branches. The next 2 years should be interesting.
LOL! i actually ended up going this route. Keeping my cash though.
I am having a hard time finding any info on the Xim last. Anyone have any experience with it?
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