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When is that Eidos field jacket going to be made in blaze orange dammit!!!!
Another vote for a blaze orange GMTO.... I have my wallet open right now and just want to give away my money so bad for this.
I second
I think the fox suede would be great. Below is a picture for those interested.
that forest last split toe loafer sounds good to me. I would be quite interested..
I came into this thread hoping there would be loafer conversation. I was not disappointed. I would however prefer to have the loafer in brown leather. If suede is to be insisted upon I would be interested in a lighter color than navy or dark green. Something in the cinnamon range would be perfect.
LOL! i actually ended up going this route. Keeping my cash though.
I am having a hard time finding any info on the Xim last. Anyone have any experience with it?
A gentleman may also choose to wear a ring on other appendages. Gentleman of good taste will know what I am talking about.
Thanks. Any problem with using Delonghi?
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