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RRL is consistently more interesting and diverse than 95% of the other heritage vanity project brands out there. Still, if you have followed the label for more than a couple years, you do begin to see a lot of repetition. In many ways, I respect that. The RRL design team comes up with some truly unique takes on clothing rooted in the past. They also take big chances on producing expensive, unique, weird stuff. I understand that when your team has a big budget, you can try...
@Musehead What's the story of the semi-Caribbean model with the vertical bar on the front and the Wayfarer arms? I've only seen a handful of these.
Sounds like an E-DUBS speciality - using ebay to flip used RRL items that were customized for a midget.
This RRL jacket was Spring 2012. Or maybe Fall 2011? I've been looking for it in a size Medium - anyone here interested in selling it? The photo is from a current eBay auction for a size XL.
That jacket doesn't actually have a selvedge line anywhere.
Nice work! Excellent photos - really fun to compare these colors. Thanks for sharing.
Here's one of the finest staple pieces that RRL makes - the shaker wool shawl sweater. Super heavy duty and durable. I own the exact same one and unlike past (and present) iterations they really nailed the sizing dimensions that season (Fall 2013). I'm still looking for the heather gray version. http://www.ebay.com/itm/RRL-Double-RL-Ralph-Lauren-Wool-Shawl-Neck-Cardigan-Sweater-Mens-Medium-Black-/141633730014?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item20fa0735de
It's a basic tweed that contrasts nicely with blue / indigo stuff. The heavier wool should be paired with denim and a more textural shirt. The color is neutral enough that you don't just have to stick with blue. I'd say wear it with a chambray shirt, jeans, and a pair of leather boots.Can you provide measurements for the size Large? I'd guess the chest laid flat is between 21 and 23" across, but I'd appreciate confirmation. Thanks!
I've been looking for this henley from Fall 2013 - anyone got one in size small that you'd like to sell / trade?
New Posts  All Forums: