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Anyone interested in selling or trading this RRL fair isle cardigan in size Medium? I've been looking for awhile...
This shirt is a hot mess. The sizing in the chest and shoulders is 2" smaller than a typical RRL slim fit Medium. The armhole shape is awkward and poorly fitted. The fabric is abrasive. There's a good reason why a ton of these are still available.
Super helpful - thanks a lot!
Who owns a pair of the green limited edition slim fits? These came out in...2015? I'm curious about the sizing - does this pair match up with typical RRL slim fit sizing, or did they come out larger / smaller in the waist / thigh, etc? Thanks in advance.
RRL is consistently more interesting and diverse than 95% of the other heritage vanity project brands out there. Still, if you have followed the label for more than a couple years, you do begin to see a lot of repetition. In many ways, I respect that. The RRL design team comes up with some truly unique takes on clothing rooted in the past. They also take big chances on producing expensive, unique, weird stuff. I understand that when your team has a big budget, you can try...
@Musehead What's the story of the semi-Caribbean model with the vertical bar on the front and the Wayfarer arms? I've only seen a handful of these.
Sounds like an E-DUBS speciality - using ebay to flip used RRL items that were customized for a midget.
This RRL jacket was Spring 2012. Or maybe Fall 2011? I've been looking for it in a size Medium - anyone here interested in selling it? The photo is from a current eBay auction for a size XL.
That jacket doesn't actually have a selvedge line anywhere.
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