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any recommendations on a measuring tape?
thanks for the great information. exactly what I was looking for. Shaun
Quick question. I wanted to measure myself so that I could buy more stuff off the B/S forum. What are the basic measurements I should take for a dress shirt, dress pant and shoes? Any recommendations on a good measuring tape? Thanks, Shaun
nice looking suit!
does rlbl make 38L? i dont think so. is this a fake?
WTB: RLBL Shirt 14.5 or suit 38 R
thanks for the quick reply i received your pm.
have the incotex pants been altered in anyway?
Hi Guys, Need a tuxedo for an upcoming event. This will be my first tuxedo. Any recommendations. My measurements are 38-40L, 6'2", 160 lbs. Thanks in advance for any help.
what is S&D?
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