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See my offer on craiglist. For pickup in Manhattan. http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/sys/2542085155.html
the service at the BB madison ave flagship is horrible. buy filson bags online at cranes country store. i think sf members get a discount if you call them and ask
Can we get better shipping rates. I get killed on the shipping. Recently bought an epic and some shoe polish and was going to buy from cedarville but 9.95 shipping killed the deal.
Hi guys, Looking to start my collection with a vintage omega seamaster. Let me know if you are selling! Shaun
Hi guys, First time buying vintage. Please take a look at this watch and see if you can help me confirm its authenticity: http://cgi.ebay.com/Vtg-Omega-Seamaster-600-Wrist-Watch-/350473133243?pt=Vintage_Costume_Jewelry&hash=item5199d39cbb#ht_3556wt_1378
i wish cedarville would allow free shipping when using the $5 off coupon. shipping cost me $12:(
thanks guys for all the information. I decided on buyings the epics from the cedarville store with the $5 discount.
great info guys. thanks a lot!
Looking to purchase a vintage Omega Seamaster. However, I do not know much about vintage watches. How do you recommend I go about making a purchase? I love the look of the old Seamasters...just do not want to get scam with a fake.
Hi guys, Starting to expand my shoe collection. I just bought the AE Park Ave (black) and Strands (walnut) from the Nordstrom sale. Looking to get some good shoe trees. What does everyone use here? Shaun
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