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Hi guys, Looking to start my collection with a vintage omega seamaster. Let me know if you are selling! Shaun
Hi guys, First time buying vintage. Please take a look at this watch and see if you can help me confirm its authenticity:
i wish cedarville would allow free shipping when using the $5 off coupon. shipping cost me $12:(
thanks guys for all the information. I decided on buyings the epics from the cedarville store with the $5 discount.
great info guys. thanks a lot!
Looking to purchase a vintage Omega Seamaster. However, I do not know much about vintage watches. How do you recommend I go about making a purchase? I love the look of the old Seamasters...just do not want to get scam with a fake.
Hi guys, Starting to expand my shoe collection. I just bought the AE Park Ave (black) and Strands (walnut) from the Nordstrom sale. Looking to get some good shoe trees. What does everyone use here? Shaun
any recommendations on a measuring tape?
thanks for the great information. exactly what I was looking for. Shaun
Quick question. I wanted to measure myself so that I could buy more stuff off the B/S forum. What are the basic measurements I should take for a dress shirt, dress pant and shoes? Any recommendations on a good measuring tape? Thanks, Shaun
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