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Hey guys, I am looking for any raincoat or umbrella recommendations. Would like to spend less than$300 for the raincoat. Shaun
let me know and I will buy them
also you say color is code 24/33 but that is havana with brown lens no?
are the lenses crystal?
yes. sounds good. can i however first see the receipt just to guarantee authenticity before i paypal? thanks!
would you take $50?
where is mina coming? what are prices for suits?
thethinman, what size do you wear in the barbas?
thanks guys!
Hi guys, Not sure if the shirtmaven still follows SF but I was thinking about getting some shirts made by him. I am 6'2' 160 lbs and usually RLBL shirts fit me the best. I was thinking however that going with CEGO might save me some money and possibly fit better. The RLBL shirts cost $325 unless I find them on sale. Any advice on fabrics and what to expect with regards to price? What fabric would you recommend. What fabric is used in the shirts by RLPL? Shaun
New Posts  All Forums: