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Hi guys, I am getting ready to buy my first navy grenadine tie and I have a few questions. I was hoping I could some answers from some the "big names" in this discussion. http://www.styleforum.net/t/301533/question-about-a-navy-grenadine-tie/0_100 Thanks guys.
I forgot...I am also considering Henry Carter. Jason has also been very helpful.
Hi guys, Getting ready to order my first navy grenadine tie. Since I think its going to be a staple, I wanted to get it right. I am thinking about ordering from Sam Hober. David has been amazing, explaining to me my different options. I was initially thinking of a 7 fold unlined tie however David suggested I go with a 6 fold lined tie. I wanted to see if anyone had any opinions. Also, I will be paying approximately $120 + shipping I believe for the tie. I know that I...
Hi Blank, I have the Alpha Trifold and love it. I got a great deal just like you. I bought for around $300 at Bloomingdales during one of their "insider" sales. The bag fits at least 2 suits, 3 or 4 shirts, and usually 1 pair of shoes for me. I have never tried 2 pairs. There are also pockets for ties, undershirts, etc. Again, I highly recommend the bag especially at that price. -Shaun
Ok. Thanks Jason. I am going to order the Navy tonight.
Great Jason. Looking forward to the different color grenadines. BTW, what is the approximate time frame for deliver? I live in NYC. The reason I am asking is that I will be moving next month and wanted to make sure I got them before I move. Also, when will next seasons ties be available? Shaun
Hi Jason, What is the length on the navy grenadine? -Shaun
Great fit CDHagg. Who is your tailor?
Not sure. I was looking at that shirt. It looks nice but I decided to get a few barba shirts from Ian at Shopthefinest instead. Let me know how it turns out.
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