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Latest episode of AOS directed by Jed Whedon [[SPOILER]]
Marvel Phase 3 sneak peek
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Closeup:Full body:Video:Credit to @homi and @nickelcobalt for the photos + video.It was MTM price.
Specific to the point where I give descriptions of how it should look like, how many degrees or inches + or - certain details need to be moved/lengthened/shortened, and marked photos or photoshop examples of how I want the final product to look like. I shortened the front length by .6 in, back length by .5 in, and sleeve length by .2 in. Body width was taken in .5 in and sleeve widths were kept the same. The belt on my older one was 47.5 in long and the new one is 43 in...
Thanks. No pictures just yet, maybe by the end of this weekend or next when I can get a friend to take some photos in daylight.
Updated version of my modified DR3 arrived earlier this week:The original modified DR3 details:Changes made: Shiny/polished snaps to match the Riri zips Thank you once again @mrchariybrown and @shinobi13, you guys did a fantastic job! I've already worn it several times!
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