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http://www.ew.com/article/2016/08/16/pennywise-costume-stephen-king-it-movie (goes into great detail about the costume)
Nike Air Penny II
Some of the spots I listed are in Chinatown but here's moreLESBlue Ribbon Fried Chicken (when it's late at night and you want fried chicken but Popeyes is closed)Boilermaker (for their burger)Cheeky Sandwiches (for their biscuit and fried chicken sandwich and shrimp po' boy)Kitty's A-Go-Go (for the Bisgel and fried chicken)Speedy Romeo (The King Salami or Paul's Boutique)Sunny and Annie's (for their Pho Sandwich)Chinatown99 Favor Taste (for the all you can eat Hot...
Some of those spots no longer exist (Korzo Haus (no more Manhattan location), Los Perros Locos, Rustic LES, 7 Spices, wd-50) And you can add: Biang! (the proper sit-down offshoot of Xian's Famous Foods, for the skewers and hand-pulled noodles) Paulie Gee's (the Hellboy, Cherry Jones, Hellified Porkpie White) Han Dynasty (Dan Dan Noodles, Mapo Tofu, Dry Pepper chicken wings, Pork Belly with Sweet Garlic Chili Oil Sauce) Korzo (for the Eastern European style deep fried...
Speaking of https://twitter.com/extratv/status/754636808714088448
For the Essentials version I'd say you should try out whatever size you usually are in the regular TF and 1 size down from that, just to be sure. Also, the black version fits a little tighter than the grey version for some strange reason.Both the ones I linked don't have that saggy problem in the rear but are still pretty fitted in the calves area.
I've tried both and own the NikeLab Essentials version and I'd say the pictures they have up on End are more accurate of how they fit. The other pair is definitely cut shorter than regular Tech Fleece too.
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