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"‘Batman V Superman’: New Villain, Hero & Plot Detail Rumors"
"RUMOR: Marvel And Sony To Talk SPIDER-MAN Next Year; Kevin Feige Wants Avi Arad GONE" "Amy Pascal out at Sony?" "Will ‘Aquaman’ Be Helmed by ‘Mud’ Director Jeff Nichols?" And in case you guys are wondering what a Suicide Squad movie might be like, just finished watching this recently:
"Andrew Garfield Will Be Recast If Marvel Gets ‘Spider-Man’ Back" "Russo Bros. Offered To Produce Sony's SPIDER-MAN Films; Will Direct INFINITY WAR" Morgan Freeman Among Those Eyed For 'The Ancient One' Role In DOCTOR STRANGE
just when you thought it was safe http://gothamist.com/2014/12/12/santacon_2014_bar_list.php
You guys forgetting he spared Eddie Thawne while beating the rest of the cops, didn't that look fishy to you? Also really liked that there were apparently two speedsters present during Nora Allen's death.
SPOILERS: AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Producers On Tonight's Massive Revelations So What Did 'Raina' Become On Tonight's AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.?
^Yes Also really like how things have been leading up to The Inhumans
Sony Leak Reveals Studio Considering Lord/Miller Spider-Man Comedy, Marvel Crossover Al Pacino Confirms That He's Met With Kevin Feige; Teases Upcoming MARVEL Role
TMNT 2: 'Bebop' & 'Rocksteady' Will Appear; 'Casey Jones' Likely Nike Created a Vandal One-Off for Terminator Genisys before/after shots of Hayley Atwell playing Older Peggy in Captain America 2. ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Has Wrapped Production Dragon Ball Z 2015 Movie Revival of F Trailer 2 (English Subbed): Justice League: Throne of Atlantis - Official Trailer (January 27, 2015): Terminator Genisys Photos: Let’s Over-Analyze the Teaser Trailer
Nike Created a Vandal One-Off for Terminator Genisys
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