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It doesn't matter how much you dislike Xeno (he could dress as boringly and uninspired as whodini for all I care) he is right. Posting a blurry shot of beckhams white sneakers makes you a douchebag. (Though I do think you can buy those shoes at the kids playing in a sandbox website. If that doesnt work try church of fudge.)
Quote: Originally Posted by mulansauce O I get it. You mean scrotum. Honey, you need to take a step back. Making 845 two or three sentence posts does not give you license to step to Teh Style God. Gosurface could have a hundred scrotums on his head and he wouldn't be gayer then a name like "Mulansauce." Seriously. Mulansauce sounds like something you have to clean off your mattress after 20 minutes with a Thai ladyboy.
Quote: Originally Posted by GoSurface Because I have no life. Marc Jacobs collection Rayban BoO Alden YSL I bet that's not the first time you've had a wrinkly bag on your head. Also I'm jealous that you can buy shorts and wear them as slightly cropped pants. It must be nice being 4'9''
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason a bunch of egotistical rambling How do people grab things that are painted on?
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug wesc jacket agnes b shirt mjolk pants costume national homme laceups I was going to say that's an awful lot of money to spend to end up looking like a schoolteacher in suburban Florida....
Quote: Originally Posted by xchen You are everything that is wrong with America. Oddly enough there is a mandatory sterilization program as part of the government stimulus package. So far the list is a copy of the National Sex Offender registry and you. Thanks IP tracking!
Quote: Originally Posted by Cosmonaut I'm sick of your tattoos and the way you always criticize The Smiths and Morrissey. This post has completely reversed my opinion on waterboarding. Yes, it is cruel and unusual punishment, yes it engenders fear and hatred of America abroad, yes it violates international law but it is nowhere near as bad as subjecting someone to the BOTTOM-OF-THE-BARRREL FESTERING STD SORES THAT IS THE MUSIC YOU LISTEN...
Quote: Originally Posted by epiphany Prince and the Revolution (touring band, circa Parade - 1986ish) Steely Dan Parliament Funkadelic Herbie Hancock & studio crew for River Rufus featuring Chaka Khan There is a wizened black guy with an awesome gnarled wood cane from Atlanta who works in the real estate office next to yours. He's got sick stories about seeing Sun Ra back in the day and he and his first wife throwing back shots with Earth,...
There is nothing chill about grimy "bros" playing the most-watered-down vaguely stolen-from-(insert ethnic tradition here) garbage. It is intellectually, morally and artistically bankrupt. I would not piss on a jack johnson fan if he were on fire. You know what is chill? Chill is your pathetic suburban routine that somehow manages to make this asinine mediocrity sound exciting. Chill is going to a second tier school on mommy and daddy's dime so you can mostly shoot...
Quote: Originally Posted by Squall.Leonhart That Jazz will ALWAYS be cool. and anime video games will NEVER be cool.
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