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I am willing to sell for 99 in the US, but I'd need to check shipping for guys like you who live out of the country. I figured you had found something else by now.
price drop
Price dropped
Price drop.
I am selling my Allen Edmonds Walnut Strands, size 9.5 B (narrow). I have worn these a little bit, but they just don't quite fit the way I wish they did. They are beautiful shoes, still in excellent condition. No real scratches or anything like that, toe cap is in excellent shape (see photo), soles have a small amount of wear, insoles are nearly pristine. I polish my shoes every other wear and condition once in awhile with AE conditioner. If they aren't on my foot, then...
I'm clearing out stuff that did not really get worn this past fall/winter, and sadly the jacket is one of them. This is a ToJ1, Size 48 in black/black/black/camo #3 lining. The size is a standard 48, although the length is cut slightly shorter than specified, maybe 0.25". See here for details. http://templeofjawnz.com/?page_id=784 For reference, I am about 5'9", 140 lb and I feel that the jacket fits quite well, with a little room for layers underneath. Fit is of course...
This is a ToJ 2010 brown lamb bomber, still in excellent condition. Measurements are provided below. I realized this jacket is not getting any wear, so I decided to pass it on. That and I'm about to make a huge downpayment on a new place. In the interest of full disclosure, I'm about 5'9" 140 lb, and there is some bunching in the sleeves for me. Shorter guys may want to consider getting them tailored a bit shorter if you know somebody that is willing to work on leather....
All sold.
Jacket Sold. Also for sale are a lightly used pair of AE Strands in Walnut Calf, 9.5C. They don't fit very well, so I only wore them a few times. Please see my auction on Ebay. http://cgi.ebay.com/Allen-Edmonds-St...item230d3e4b05 If it is not showing up, it will be up Sunday evening (I have delayed start).
I just noticed amazon has a sale on shoes and accessories over 150$ for 30% off. You can pick up new AEs for ~200$ at that price. Not quite as good as you can do on Ebay, but Amazon allows returns and no waiting for the right size/style/color. "Get your gifts on time and save 25% on $75 orders and save 30% on $150 orders of select shoes and accessories sold by Amazon.com. Does not apply to items sold by third party merchants on Amazon.com. See restrictions. "
New Posts  All Forums: