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No pleats and uncuffed. What's the problem?
Makes sense. What would be a remedy for that, if any?
What do you mean "hinging" on the button?
It originally was made as a 3r2, and the last time I had it cleaned/pressed, they screwed it up. I'm going to have to take it somewhere else to "reset" it, since i specifically told these people to roll it to the second button. In that regard, how difficult is it to "reset" the lapel? Obviously I don't want an unsightly crease in the lapel where this place screwed it up.The suit is certainly boxy, and your criticism is well-taken. I could swear that the quarters used...
Fun day in court.
But I want to spend $500 on shoe care supplies so I can tell people about it!
So then, do you use saddle soap and then a "conditioner," or just saddle soap and then the polish?
Finally Friday. Hot and humid, so I decided to go with the linen suit. Since it's linen, I thought a little slouchiness on the trouser legs wasn't such a bad idea. Now, I'm thinking I might want to get them hemmed for a cleaner line and minimal break. What thinks the Hivemind? Also, due to weird lighting the true blueness of the suit didn't come out in the full body shot. The closeup is more true to color.
No OneShirt?
Yep. As sinister as they come.
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