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Perfectly-tied bowtie in my opinion, SugarButch. I like everything about that look.
Hot, humid, and wet Monday. Dropping off the trousers for shortening tomorrow. The sleeves in this shirt must have shrunk. Apparently I had something in my left jacket pocket, too. Sweet "action" shot:
Anyone else expect this picture to be an animated GIF of the police car exploding in slow-motion, Michael Bay style, as Victor slowly walks towards the camera?Looks good, Victor.
Why is that?
He mentioned the Rodeo is his "beater" car, so I'm assuming it's his daily driver, whereas the Bimmer is a weekender? Even then, I couldn't imagine walking past my 7-series to climb into an old Isuzu, unless it was absolutely necessary.
No worries, man; I'm sure it works with something. I just feel like it doesn't work with this.I have more than 4, but they're only 3 different styles: several white (a few silk, one cotton, two linen), one very light cream/off-white with burgundy edges, and one white with navy pindots. I wear solid white 90% of the time... creature of habit, I suppose.
ianGP, I like everything except the pocket square which I think, frankly, is ugly. Also, even if I did like the pocket square, I feel like it should be a little more contained in the pocket, considering how formal/business the rest of the look is.
ZOMG, 3 stripes in same outfit!!11!Looks good.
Slightly off topic, but do most of you use leather cleaning/conditioning products on other products, such as belts or briefcases?
Spoo, I really like the tie/jacket combination.
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