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Mr. Torrance is always the only one at the bar.
If I had to choose one of those three, I'd definitely go for the Longines. Great piece. Second would be the Omega, and third the Rolex.
Relaxed-fit, high-pressure, home colon cleansing kit.
Yep. Can't believe I didn't notice that before. This is the second suit this has happened to.
Gloomy in the morning with grim promises of 100+ heat index later in the day. Perfect weather for depositions.
No worries. A couple things. The jacket is a cotton pincord, very fine and close together dark navy stripes... not really gray. Anyway, I agree the jacket is pulling and doesn't look right. Funny, it never seemed to do that before. I've been on a couple vacations and have been eating some very rich food lately, so maybe that's an indicator. Yep, the lapels definitely are very slim. This is the only jacket I own with lapels like that, and actually the first time I've...
OP delivers.
Thanks, although bourbonbasted is right, it is a bit tight. Didn't look like it was pulling much in the mirror this morning, but after looking at that picture it seems more prominent. You think the bowtie doesn't go with the rest of the outfit? What kind of informal tie would you suggest? Knit? I have to admit, I don't even own any knit ties because I've never worn one that I thought looked good on me. Completely tieless might look better, actually. I thought it...
Two straight days away from the office at trial calls for slubby informal look. Coat is unstructured cotton, trousers are linen, black sockless penny loafers. Tie looks to have gotten a little messy.
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