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Anyone have a recommendation on where to find good straps? I have a Seiko SKX007 that I wear the majority of the time on weekends and when I'm not wearing a suit at work. I have a forest green NATO strap on it now that is on its last leg (fraying and coming apart due to constant trips into the salty Atlantic Ocean). Can't remember where I bought the current strap. I'm looking for one that isn't extremely bulky. I'd also consider other types (leather, metal bracelet,...
Maybe I don't know any better, however I do own a few short-sleeve sportshirts in linen for casual weekend and beach/pool wear. At least 1 of them has very faint stripes. Somewhat similar in style to these, but without the ribbed sleeves in the second:Although, I do understand that you're talking primarily about suiting.
I'm sure the bride-to-be isn't so interested in the tie being hung.
No, it's too boring and generic. "F*ck" is more stylish. After all, this is Styleforum.
Black, too, is for farmer. Warning: More plantation lifestyle photos in the spoiler. [[SPOILER]] (I got up earlier than usual this morning and had a lot of free time heading to the office.)
Linen Thursday. Still didn't stop me from sweating during the 4 block walk from the courthouse to my office after my 10am hearing.I think this may be the first time I haven't worn either a white or pale blue shirt to court. Above pictures don't really show the color/pattern well. This closeup of my sleeve is more true to color, but still not perfect. It's a light lavender stripe. [[SPOILER]]
That Orient looks much better on the leather strap, in my opinion.
I'll piggyback on your post again about the Quoddys. If I recall correctly, J. Crew sells their camp mocs (not sure if they're made for J. Crew, and if so, how construction differs) for a little over $200.00.
I second the Quoddy camp mocs.
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