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Sounds like someone who interviewed to write product descriptions for J. Peterman but was denied the position.
I think they're on Gilt.
As a counterpoint to F. Corbera's recent post of the painting of the Earl in a cape, here is a modern incarnation. Excellent drape, and there appears to be a good bit of handwork. Also, considering the beautiful specimen in the left background, what about modern use of parasols?
It's because of Val Kilmer's intimidating Van Dyke, isn't it?
This was a very nice read, and thanks for doing it. I think the most interesting and informative part of it, for me, was this question: "What are the things a client should think about before their first commission with a brand new tailor?" And this part of his reply: "Once we've got that figured out, then I'll start by looking at their figure, measuring them, and asking questions about problems they have with off-the-peg garments. I might say, I'll bet this guy has...
What color is your boat?
Nice looking Seiko. What model is that?
Nice. But, then, where do you keep your loose change? Seriously though, that cloth looks interesting. Come to think of it, I actually don't think I've ever seen someone (outside of this forum, of course) wearing a barleycorn cloth. What made you decide to go with flapped, versus unflapped, patch pockets?
I recommend also a gusseted breast pocket for maximum cargo-coat style.
I don't like the pocket square on the second one, but I think the third looks great. However, it looks like the jacket and square are the same in both the second and third pictures. Is this the case? The jacket color looks completely different in the two pictures on my monitor.
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