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Ah, didn't see it. As far as the tie pattern, I agree with that. Interestingly, it's sort of a "shimmery" look, and the distinctiveness of the pattern tends to come and go depending on lighting. Now that I look at this again, the narrowness of the tie pattern is a little too close to the narrow suit stripes.
Interesting topic for a threak. Foo said something about only needing one or two white shirts, and that they're not really "staples" to stock up on, but I have to disagree with that. Of course, a lot of it has to do with your occupation. I'm a lawyer and I'm usually in court at least twice a week. I almost exclusively wear solid white shirts when I'm in court, and if I'm not wearing white, then it's solid pale blue. So, I feel the need for more than one or two white...
If you want to see some serious bowtie affectation, go to a fraternity party or law school event in the South.
[[SPOILER]] I really like this, although it's probably not something I would wear. I definitely wouldn't wear it for my type of CBD, but I think it goes together very well and is a "soft" look, if that makes any sense.
What are the criteria for "good taste"? I guess I'll submit this, which I wore to court today (and won, mostly, mind you).
You know/hung-out-with/talked-to Tom Wolfe? He has been one of my favorite writers for a very long time. His style of dress is... interesting, to say the least. But man, he is such a great writer. I'm very jealous.
Only solid white or solid pale blue shirts for court.If I wear French cuffs, it's silk knots unless I wear my late grandfather's plain gold cufflinks engraved with his initials.No button-down collars with a suit, unless I'm wearing a bowtie.Only button-down collars with a bowtie.Only plain white or cream pocket square for court (and 95% of the time otherwise).No rollerskates for court.No more than two patterns at the same time.Probably other things I do...
You haven't been around long enough to remember Mr. Moo, who is truly missed.
^ I wouldn't wear that first tie, but I think it looks fine with the tweed.
I think he's saying that he looked into her, and he didn't like what he saw.
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