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gregaz, I dig those pants with the DB blazer. Looks great, although I'd have chosen a more subtle tie. ManofKent, great jacket. Phat Guido, Supergas?! Love it... I buy an all-white pair every spring that basically become molded to my feet on the weekends.
Quote: Originally Posted by gregaz Badass car photos... Wow. Awesome shots. Were you there only to look? If I showed up there, I might have to leave all forms of payment at home and break the fingers on my writing hand so I couldn't sign any contracts.
Quote: Originally Posted by TGPlastic If you entertain the idea of doing low level criminal work, you must do this stuff first so as not to fuck it up: 1. Watch a few day's worth of local criminal dockets and learn the customary litanies (advisement of rights and so forth on the record) that you'll need to make. 2. Read the rules of pro res concerning when representation starts, ends, and what your duties are. How does representation work when...
That croquembouche looks terrific. I've never been to a wedding with one. I won't ask you how much it cost you, but I imagine it was pricey, yet well worth every penny.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tomasso Quote: Originally Posted by RJman It's said that Prince Michael is the spitting image of his relative the late Czar Nicholas II... Apart from having a beard, Hemingway and the Prince don't share facial hair characteristics. Hemingway was the first weathered-looking gruff dude who came to mind. In any event, I imagine he wouldn't look nearly as interesting without the...
Quote: Originally Posted by BrianVarick I was watching Platinum Weddings, and they gave everyone in their party (450 of so) Ipods. That sounds really trite.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tomasso I would suggest that the Prince trim down his beard, shirt collar and tie knot........... just a bit. I like the Hemingway-esque beard. It gives him a gruff edge, unlike the typical dweeby, baby-soft skinned look of other nobles.
There are so many factors at play here. No matter your role, with the exception of juror, wear a tie (I'm not saying don't wear a tie if you're a juror, just that it doesn't matter). If you're an attorney, you should also consider which party you represent as well as whether it's a bench trial or a jury trial. Don't wear anything loud or out of the ordinary. When I was in law school, I watched a trial where one of the lawyers wore a very ostentatious suit and tie, and...
Quote: Originally Posted by unjung Would not do loafers. Agreed. Not a fan of loafers with a suit ever, really.
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