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Hello, I'm looking for a black bow tie and cummerbund. My tux is a black shawl collar with grosgrain facings/lapels. I would prefer that the bow tie and cummerbund are not shiny satin finish as the grosgrain is not very shiny. I haven't decided on a shirt yet, but it will have a fold-down/turndown collar and either a textured fabric or some modest pleats. Any leads or suggestions on a shirt are also appreciated (I wear 15/34 and am obviously lean). Thank you for any...
I'll second this.
This applies only to Gitman A/W11, not the new S/S12. If it did, I would be putting in a nice order. There are still some nice shirts to be had, though. Thanks for the heads-up.
I posted a WTB thread in the Other Classifieds section, but I thought I'd post here as well. I'm looking for Amazon gift cards. Please PM me with any cards you are looking to sell. Thank you for any offers you may have.
Thanks for the heads up. I picked up one of these this morning, but sadly that doesn't quite get me where I need to be. Still, free money is always a good thing.
Like the title says, I'm looking to buy your amazon gift cards. I'm looking for anything up to around $1000, so let me know what you can offer, and we'll work out the numbers. Thank you for any help you may offer.
Thanks a lot for the effort of looking for some pics. I'm really trying to see if anyone who has bought them has posted their own pics so I can get an idea of how they look in a non-studio setting. Essentially, I think they look great on Blue Owl, but I don't always trust studio/retailer pics when it comes to colors/shades of the same color. I'll keep looking, but I hae a feeling I'll order some before I actually see some fit pics around the forums.
Anyone have or can point me to some IRL fit pics of the greencast? I am pretty set on picking these up as a summer jean, but I was hoping to see some pics other than what's on Blue Owl. Thanks.
Sturdy denim, incredible fades, versatile and great cuts in the various models. Honestly one of my favorite denim makers, and again, those 3009's are a damn steal. Also, Patrick James is a great seller in my experience with him, so you shouldn't hesitate to deal with him. I truly can't fathom how either of his pair of 3009's are still in B&S (except that they aren't super skinny which so (too?) many people like so much).
I'm not sure what your waist size is, but there are two pair of 3009's in B&S right now (31 and 32) that are NWOT and can be had for $250 or less. You might want to take a peak, as it sounds like it might be a great fit for you. Here is the listing for the 31, which I was considering myself but the fit isn't quite right for my build. Hope it works out for you.
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