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Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 Rebel, What colour are those?
Quote: Originally Posted by maomao1980 Sounds you got more than a shoe fitting at Zee's. I didn't know it was a full service joint. LOL!
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del Total nobb w.r.t. Vass. Could your educate me a little. What size in UK sizing would equate to 43.5 How is the 43.5 size double monk different from this from the Vass porn thread Pic is kolecho's AD, U last 43.5 is about the same as UK9.5E in EG 606, 888, 82. The double monks that Vox has are made of a rare whiskey shell cordovan that I get from time to time.
I have seen Vass Norweger on both U and F lasts. I was skeptical of the style in U last at first, but I thought it turned out very well, perhaps better than on F last.
Great outcome Mao. Certainly different from SF standard ItaAffair. I might sound like a grandpa but I love that shoulder extension. Enough of narrow shoulder shit.
Quote: Originally Posted by luk-cha he's being anal Nar, Oliver is having too much fresco
If anything, I would say that U last is more suitable for people with moderate to high instep feet. Low instep folks need not apply.
I have a tartan tie case from the OP that is magnificent. Great old school extinct tartan, horn buttons and very nicely done hand stitched buttonholes.
Are you restructuring to get more Vass?
Plain cap in ravello shell, semi brogue in saddle shell. Monks in brandy shell, wingtip brogues in saddle shell.
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