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OP, Did you ask for the apron stitching to be done the way it is? Just wondering if there is any reason why it was done like a G&G Hove/Eg Dover, which I find more beautiful.
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos - I find foo's lack of objectivity in this and other threads where 'friends' are involved (vs where 'internet foes' are involved) somewhat... disappointing/amusing. IMO it discredits him as a source of authority as a clothing hobbyist, as a 'bespoke expert', or as an authority in anything tailoring-related. Which is a shame. It lends credence to a theory I have about him: that he reverse engineers (often...
Quote: Originally Posted by luk-cha what is a heel back, this make not one ounce of sense?? I think he means heel counter.
Quote: Originally Posted by Toiletduck I really like the flannel one. I can't see the back, but your trousers seem to have extra fabric behind your right thigh. (picture left?). I have this sort of problem with some of my trousers as well. It's called ass drape.
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos Sorry Manton , I mean no disrespect to A&S but but this jacket does not express the work of an esteemed SR house. It appears more home made. Every element of the jacket draws awkward attention to itself. I just don't see a congruent harmonious look here. The jacket looks "forced and contrived" like they tried to make something out of their element. I've been there and done that. Can't put it better...
Quote: Originally Posted by A Y I think the hips are emphasized because of the overly open quarters. Manton, why do you like really open quarters? It seems to throw the balance of proportions off or at least seems beyond the ability of A&S to integrate it well into the rest of the coat. --Andre Ditto. A&S needs to learn how to cut open quarters. Manton's coat will look too open button point down when in motion. That and the sloping...
The stingrays would be nice and sparkling on a discotheque dance floor.
Quote: Originally Posted by cdmoore1855 Only that they look nicer on the foot. I had asked for 4 eyelets in order to make the shoe look sleeker but it came with 5, as per their sample bespoke Norwegian and it looks just fine this way. Or else it may look to long. I am very happy with them Lucky G&G made them into 5 eyelets. The design is well balanced.
Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy I like this design a lot.
This leather is available from bag makers etc. Don't believe the Cleverley hype. Nice shoes, BTW. Congrats.
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