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Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl best bet. go to budapest. the savings of paying cash and minus the shipping costs is covering the trip. Have you got around to getting a pair?
Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC I have been eyeing these classics for a while but I am not sure I can pull them off.
Quote: Originally Posted by artoftime G&G mto Carlyle Monk in fox suede - on the MH71 What colour are they?
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 Are these bespoke?
2m is adequate for jackets, even if they are patterned, unless you are very large and tall.
Quote: Originally Posted by kischi Alfred Sargent, almost 3 years old. Worn weekly. First resole, deglazed with Renomat, one layer of Saphir cream. Amazing to see these in perfect shape after 3 years and a resoling. Wear them in good health.
OP, 305 is a much nicer blue IMHO.
Quote: Originally Posted by gazman70k Gaziano & Girling Tokyo Trunk Show Summer 2010 Great colour, texture and design.
PTB complete with Sharpei-like ripples, from Vass. Called antique cognac but looks more like ravello in reality.
What material is this made of? Is the inside self lined?
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