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How about asking him to remove the bump on the other side as well, for the sake of symmetry?
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel yes, lots of shades. I stuck with a solid blue twill, and two mini polka dots (navy with white and light blue with white). Not sure I'll do the burgandy, but will do a dark green. That's also another staple. Be great if you get around to a nice burgundy. That'll cover most of the staple solid tie colours. Is the silk twill made in England?
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel hopefully end of this week, no more shantung, but will have a Vanners 50oz silk navy twill. Does Vanners make similar weights in deep burgundy? It is a hard to find shade that I like a lot, though I am not sure if it is SF approved.
Quote: Originally Posted by culverwood They don't come with trees?
Quote: Originally Posted by hammer07 Stunning Vass. Agreed Someone should at least take the AS.
Any new ties?
The boldness of the text is blinding.
Quote: Originally Posted by maomao1980 you mean it won't fit? I forgot SF is all about snug fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos http://www.leathersoulhawaii.com/200...new-offerings/ Maybe he made a mistake.
Quote: Originally Posted by maomao1980 one engrish word: soapland That's also marked up and the better ones are out-of-bounds for foreigners. So I heard.
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