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^ White?
Has anyone ever come across a double soled version of the unlined suede chukka? I find the standard single sole on the unlined chukka a bit thin.
These two new items are made of unlined Horween shell in a small workshop in Hong Kong to very high standards. Price includes shipping. I take Paypal only. Please PM if interested. Thanks. Credit card wallet Unlined saddle Horween shell cordovan 4" x 2 5/8" folded Price: $160 -> $130 shipped SOLD Key pouch for 6 keys Unlined cigar Horween shell cordovan, nickel fittings 3 5/8" x 2 1/8" folded Price: $60 -> $50 shipped SOLD
Wear these in good health. Should be careful with the pull tabs. See G&G thread.
Fantastic! I like the hinged trees also.
That is a great collection worth a re-quote. Wear them in good health, E!!
Try contacting them direct to get the handle fixed. I mean in Milan.
Where can one look for good quality Harris tweed besides those from W.Bill and Harrisons?
They are both high twist but one is a tad heavier. The heavier one drapes better IME and has nicer surface interest. The lighter weight one wears very cool. Perfect for muggy 30+ Celsius environment. If it's 30+ Celsius and dry, I'd go for the heavier one.
Agreed that it looks very nice compared to the earlier scan. Pert of the reason could be that we look or photograph cloths lying horizontal. Cloth patterns look very different when held vertically.
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