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Some little bird told me Liverano makes some of the shittiest pants in the industry.
I've updated with pics of the Oyster swatches (the latest bunch) with the suits. Hope that helps.
The 15 oz Fresco is a beast! Drapes like steel. Looks very old school in a good way. It's a little coarse to the touch, but not more than the 9/10 oz stuff. I'd say it wears well in winter and is perfect for layering for those who travel a lot. I had mine done with 1/4 lining and lined sleeves. It took some breaking in and has little give, so make sure you get it properly fitted by your tailor.The Minnis version is around 15 oz and still being offered in a few...
This is a brand new item that has never been used. Lock & Co tweed cap. Size 7 3/8. The pic showing the underside of the cap is the most accurate for its colour. Price is US$40 US$28 shipped. SOLD Please contact me if you are interested. Thanks.
I need to move some garments to free up some space. These garments were made for me by an old tailor who used to work for WW Chan and A Man Hin Cheong, some of the most prestigious HK tailors. All the jackets are hand padded and hand finished to the same old school levels that we used to see in Hong Kong. Shoulders have a very thin layer of wadding. Condition of all these garments are superb. The suits all come with an extra pair of pants. I've specified my own cut...
Clearing some remaining cloths from Bonfanti to Lesser's at 20% off listed prices. Please see my sig. Thanks.
Harrisons Oyster/Thistle 13oz has three shades of grey sharkskin. Best texture I've seen.
Fading in cotton and linen is part of the look IMHO.
Heads up on a large stash of cloth I'm clearing out from Bonfanti, Holland & Sherry, Smith, Lesser, Woodhouse, Minnis, Brisbane Moss etc. Please see my sig and PM if interested. Thanks.
FURTHER DISCOUNTS. Take 25% off all remaining cloths. Titles says it all. Price does not include shipping. I will combine shipping and advise costs. Please PM me if interested. 1. Albini chambray summer shirting, plain blue on the right (for one shirt). $60 SOLD 7. Minnis 11oz Irish linen. 1.2m of navy, tan. $45 per length. SOLD
New Posts  All Forums: