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Lovely purchase. Do you wear the same size and width for Barrie and Modified lasts? How do you find Barrie vs Modified?
If you have size 43+ feet, I'd use 3636.
What last are those beauties on?
Moccasin construction cannot be re-lasted, unlike welted shoes. The best that Rancourt can do is shove a wider or longer last into the shoes to stretch them a bit. It may or may not be enough to sort the problem out.
Where's Alden?
Clean and focussed collection.
Having tried almost all lasts from Vass, I'd settle with F last if I had to choose one for comfort and looks.
OUCH!! Please update after the damage has been fixed.
A classic design done on a lovely last.
I would get a pair in suede. Agreed that the pattern is very nicely balanced.
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