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Gennaro will be back in Hong Kong from November 27-29. Please contact me if you are interested in more information.
0516 is a blue-ish grey colour. I prefer Fresco over Brisa as it holds shape much better than Brisa. Brisa also hangs longer than Fresco, probably due to its weave.
Less lining = more work.
Not the best idea.
Here is a macro shot.
I did some Rangoon run a few months back and still have some lengths in blue in stock. Please see scan of the cloth next to a completed standard navy suit. PM me if you are interested in getting some of the blue Rangoon (USD60/m plus shipping). Thanks.
I am selling these leftover Horween shell cordovan pieces. Ideal for small leather goods projects (wallet, watch strap etc) Left side is dark cognac Middle ones are saddle Right side is bordeaux Price is $200 shipped. Paypal is OK. SOLD!! Please PM if interested. Thanks for your interest.
1m is plenty even for self-backed waistcoats. Most tailors ask for 0.6-0.8m. Silk-backed is pretty warm to wear.
The mill had some issues that delayed the despatch. The goods will be sent out today. Very sorry about the delay.
I'd definitely recommend Ascot Chang for shirts.
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