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I am in for a smaller one also.
I have a very low right shoulder also. All my tailors (Gennaro included) adjusted for it so there is no wrinkle/break on the right side front and back panels. FWIW, Gennaro noticed this right away and also noted that my left back sticks out more than the other side (and made adjustments to accommodate it).
Some shots of the made-by-Paone blue linen jacket in the wild.....
I'm planning to bring Gennaro back in the first week of February 2015. Will update when I have firm dates.
There are some fit pics on Paone's blog here:http://paone-sartorianapoletana.tumblr.comI will add some in-the-wild fit pics shortly.Maybe it's just the individual's shoulders. This linen jacket has no shoulder padding. FYI, my shoulders are quite sloped, particularly the right side.The default cut is a drapey front and back though Gennaro can make it "cleaner" if the client prefers that. A number of clients at the Hong Kong trunk show asked about the button point height...
Finally getting around to posting some pics after running around for the Hong Kong trunk show. Some jacket porn of my linen number from Gennaro Paone..... It's also a coffee table piece. Soft shoulder. Half lined body. Internal details. No sleeve lining for linen coats by default. Lapel roll. Subtle hand-stitching. Mother of Pearl buttons. Lapped seams. Hand padded lapels, collars etc. Lapel has subtle belly. Buttonholes. And the rumpled look of...
You asking me?
The back of my linen jacket. Gennaro Paone is in Hong Kong!
This Golden Bale looks good for your first suit with Gennaro. See you at the Hong Kong trunk show.
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