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What's the style of the overcoat worn by Antonio Liverano? I think he is wearing one that is similar to the green Casentino (also by Liverano). Any idea what the back looks like?
Very nice patina on those shoes. B Nelson can do a Vibram with recessed plate that looks pleasing. Check this AAAC post.http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/forum/showthread.php?102376-Euoropean-metal-toe-peices-now-available
It is dark cognac IIRC.
FWIW, I wear Barrie last in 7.5D and Rancourt 800 last in 8.5D. Both fit well.
+1. Oyster has a more "rustic" finish compared to Smith's and Lesser's 12/13 oz equivalent, which I prefer. I have several of them and they all make up very well.
SC have very quirky designs IMHO.
I am considering peanut suede beefroll. Is the color like Alden's snuff suede? Peanut suede looks more orangey in pictures on Rancourt's site.
Lovely purchase. Do you wear the same size and width for Barrie and Modified lasts? How do you find Barrie vs Modified?
If you have size 43+ feet, I'd use 3636.
What last are those beauties on?
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