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8-9 oz Fresco wears coolest but it can lose shape and hangs longer than other worsteds. Think the weave is on the looser side.I have worn both Rangoon and Fresco 9-10oz in HK weather and come to decide for myself that it wears cooler. Could be because Rangoon is smoother finish and less prickly than Fresco 9-10 oz.
Rangoon has a smoother finish than Fresco 9/10 oz. Drapes just as well. It wears cooler. There isn't a nailhead pattern in the Fresco bunch, and none in this mid grey shade in other tropical English bunches that I know of.
Gents. I am doing a special run of Minnis Rangoon 8-9oz tropical worsted. This is a grey nailhead pattern that is the same shade as the mid grey sharkskin Harrisons Oyster 75762 (the middle grey of the three shades of sharkskin from the Oyster bunch). Price is USD60/m plus shipping. Self pick up in HK is fine. Please PM if you are interested. Thanks.
You're banned for sure now
I have a somewhat different problem. Some of these "limited edition" cloths get re-runs if they are popular. I ocassionally run into the people I know who wears the same stuff.
They are all in the post, no?
Some little bird told me Liverano makes some of the shittiest pants in the industry.
I've updated with pics of the Oyster swatches (the latest bunch) with the suits. Hope that helps.
The 15 oz Fresco is a beast! Drapes like steel. Looks very old school in a good way. It's a little coarse to the touch, but not more than the 9/10 oz stuff. I'd say it wears well in winter and is perfect for layering for those who travel a lot. I had mine done with 1/4 lining and lined sleeves. It took some breaking in and has little give, so make sure you get it properly fitted by your tailor.The Minnis version is around 15 oz and still being offered in a few...
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