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It's a little less porous than Fresco but it's lighter in weight than the 9/10oz Fresco. Rangoon has a smoother finish. It feels less scratchy. This makes it wear as cool if not cooler than the 9/10oz Fresco.
8/9oz high twist wool in plain weave.
I'm doing a special run of Minnis Rangoon (8/9oz tropical worsted that was discontinued a few years ago) in a navy shade that's perfect for a go-to business suit. It's the same shade of navy as 0579 in the Fresco 2 bunch (see photo). Please PM if you are interested. Thanks.
T-shirt and shorts 😳
Minnis Classic 2 has some hopsacks and serge in 11/12 oz that are very good.
Fresco is a summer cloth and such cloths are usually done in a plain weave. Herringbone is a type of twill weave and it wears warmer so it is not used in summer cloths.However, I have seen plain weave done in shadow stripes that mimics the look of a herringbone cloth. You get the "vertical bands" without the diagonal lines.
Mohair wears cooler than wool in the same weight and weave.
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