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I didn't think Jantzen would be so silly as to give up making shirts. It's much easier an operation to manage compare to making suits in comparable quality. Also more volume as shirts get worn out much quicker than suits.
Gennaro Paone will be back in HK June 10-12. Please PM if you are interested. Thanks.
If you are referring to the special run of tobacco Fresco that Slewfoot and Dieworkwear did, I don't think it's available in cut lengths as it is not a stock cloth.
I believe the initial trip was postponed and when a new trip was rescheduled, interest waned for whatever reason. For those who travel to Naples, the Paones have opened a sartoria near his home in Calvizzano, about 20 minutes outside of central Naples.I am glad Gennaro is still making trips out to Hong Kong. Full disclosure: I am his sponsor for the HK shows but I have to say with a hand on my heart that he's been a real pleasure to work with. No "ifs and buts" kinda...
I have a few lengths of Minnis Rangoon 8/9oz high twist tropical worsted from special runs for sale. This cloth was discontinued a few years ago. The cloths are made to the exact spec as the old ones (same yarn, weave, finish etc). The photo is pretty close to reality. Please PM if you are interested. Thanks. 1) 2.45m light navy Rangoon. Price: US$120 plus shipping SOLD! 2) 4.50m light navy Rangoon. Price: US$270 plus shipping SOLD! 3) 4.50m RAF blue Rangoon. ...
The one I have in huckaback weave is a jacketing. I think it would be too airy and loose for pants.Halstead has others that are good suitings in plain weave.
The sheen is not very apparent with kid mohair.
2/3 season cloth really depends on where you are. This cloth is my 2/3 season cloth in Hong Kong. If you live in a colder environment, you could get a serge cloth for a navy blazer.
Get some 10oz wool + kid mohair jacketing from Caccioppoli. Made by William Halstead. Drapes like steel, wrinkles very little and super airy.
And I thought my $70 American Giant sweatshirt is expensive compared to Uniqlo
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