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Send them a Modified last and see what they say.
One more piece of pre-Harrsions H. Lesser tropical worsted left for sale. Please see my sig.
You are looking at a pair of lightly used Vass for sale. Comes with box, shoe bags and lasted trees. Please PM if interested. Model: Based on Edward Green Ladbroke Last: F Size: 41 Uppers: Black calf (no rear seam) Sole: Single leather sole with factory rubber toe tips and heel Price shipped: $380 -> $300 -> SOLD
I would add that my beefrolls with RLH soles can also be quite slippery in wet conditions. Certainly not as good traction as my boat shoes or even Alden oiled leather sole.
If Emptym has had it made up, it would be great if he could post some pics.
What weight is it per meter run, single width?
Those are really lovely!
Looks like Ladbroke.
Lovely boots. Which scan of the peanut suede is more true to colour?
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