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Minnis Classic 2 has some hopsacks and serge in 11/12 oz that are very good.
Fresco is a summer cloth and such cloths are usually done in a plain weave. Herringbone is a type of twill weave and it wears warmer so it is not used in summer cloths.However, I have seen plain weave done in shadow stripes that mimics the look of a herringbone cloth. You get the "vertical bands" without the diagonal lines.
Mohair wears cooler than wool in the same weight and weave.
It's very similar to a peacoat but was issued to ground troops. I like this iteration with storm collar and large pocket flaps.
At 28 oz, it is overkill in most cities.
I like the weight of the grey one on the right. Much more wearable. If only Fox made it in olive/fawn!
I am thinking of getting Gennaro Paone to make me a mid thigh overcoat. The design would probably be based off of a Jeep coat and it will be worn over sport jackets and sometimes a suit. I really like these twill Fox overcoatings. They are around 20-27 oz, mix of lambswool and Shetland wool. The grey one on the right is lighter in weight and the twill is less prominent than the other two. Any suggestions on the colour I should go for? Colour in the photo below is...
22oz jacketing? I had one of the original LL Best of Both (think it was 20oz). In retrospect, it should have been made into a mid thigh overcoat.
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