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T-shirt and shorts 😳
Minnis Classic 2 has some hopsacks and serge in 11/12 oz that are very good.
Fresco is a summer cloth and such cloths are usually done in a plain weave. Herringbone is a type of twill weave and it wears warmer so it is not used in summer cloths.However, I have seen plain weave done in shadow stripes that mimics the look of a herringbone cloth. You get the "vertical bands" without the diagonal lines.
Mohair wears cooler than wool in the same weight and weave.
It's very similar to a peacoat but was issued to ground troops. I like this iteration with storm collar and large pocket flaps.
At 28 oz, it is overkill in most cities.
I like the weight of the grey one on the right. Much more wearable. If only Fox made it in olive/fawn!
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