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What weight is it per meter run, single width?
Those are really lovely!
Looks like Ladbroke.
Lovely boots. Which scan of the peanut suede is more true to colour?
Do your moccasin construction shoes fare well in the rain? Mine "leaks" from the apron seam where it is hand stitched? Flawed or to be expected?
here also.
Please see amended post.
Some pre-Harrisons H. Lesser cloths for sale. Please see my sig below.
You are looking at some pre-Harrisons H. Lesser for sale. Standard navy and grey. Please PM if interested. Thanks. ref 30318 8/9 oz Tropical worsted navy 4.6m $510 -> $400 shipped ref 30280 8/9 oz Tropical worsted grey nailhead 4.6m $510 shipped SOLD ref 29608 16 oz worsted navy serge 3.3m $440 shipped SOLD ref 29600 16 oz worsted grey sharkskin 3.3m $440 shipped SOLD
New Posts  All Forums: