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The one I have in huckaback weave is a jacketing. I think it would be too airy and loose for pants.Halstead has others that are good suitings in plain weave.
The sheen is not very apparent with kid mohair.
2/3 season cloth really depends on where you are. This cloth is my 2/3 season cloth in Hong Kong. If you live in a colder environment, you could get a serge cloth for a navy blazer.
Get some 10oz wool + kid mohair jacketing from Caccioppoli. Made by William Halstead. Drapes like steel, wrinkles very little and super airy.
And I thought my $70 American Giant sweatshirt is expensive compared to Uniqlo
Current recipe is identifcal to the old one. The new runs use the same yarn as the old ones, yarns that are leftover. Therefore not all designs can be had unless someone wants to order 500m or more in which case they can arrange for new yarns to be spun to the colours needed. The same mill and finishers are used as well.
It is high twist as confirmed by Minnis. Its smoother appearance is more CBD than Fresco in my opinion.
It's a little less porous than Fresco but it's lighter in weight than the 9/10oz Fresco. Rangoon has a smoother finish. It feels less scratchy. This makes it wear as cool if not cooler than the 9/10oz Fresco.
8/9oz high twist wool in plain weave.
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