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Interesting lapel line. Would be keen to see them on UC
Here's how my Gennaro Paone pants are finished inside the hem. He told me this method is cleaner than the XxX method. By the way, my HK pants maker use the XxX method.
Carnet has some brown linen #309. Available in 385g or 215g. The heavier option is good stuff.
That tobacco shade linen (jacket on the right) is available from W. Bill and Caccioppoli.
Some photos from Sartoria Paone trunk show #6 in Hong Kong. Gennaro Paone with another G. Some fittings. How to iron your jacket demo to some clients.
Bummer re hemp linen cloth 😪
Awesome photo!! Love the expression and the outfit.
The Mocklino hopsack is made by Halstead. Same quality and weave. I am not sure if it's OK for pants though I might try one sometime.
Sounds like a story I am familiar with
Not me
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