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Even with the cool-wearing properties of mohair, that's too heavy. I'd stick with kid mohair/wool mix, 300g max. Mohair (from adult goats) is stiffer, scratchier, and shinier than kid mohair (from baby goats).
[[SPOILER]] Vox's brown summer jacket was made from some old stock Edwin Woodhouse Summer Comfort 240g. I should know because that jacket used to be mine.
FWIW I've tried most of the better known shirtmakers in HK and only AC does a good job at getting fit right.
Gennaro Paone calls chest drape "piega" when I asked him about it.
Very nice jackets. I prefer the overall sihouette of the brown jacket. It's a bit shorter and the shoulders suit you better. Does it have a bit of skirt peeking out from behind your hands though?
There is some truth in Italian tailors' emphasis on the fitting process. They take fewer measurements at the outset and rely on the fitting process to refine the pattern. Once the pattern is refined, subsequent fittings will get better and better.
I've had instances like what you are expecting to receive soon, delivery of a second unfitted jacket based off of the pattern of another jacket that was fitted. Oddly enough, the second unfitted jacket was perfect and the first fitted jacket needed some adjustments. It could be that the tailor made adjustments to the pattern after the fittings of the first jacket before he cut the second jacket.I think you'd be fine with one forward fitting with these tailors on your next...
Interesting lapel line. Would be keen to see them on UC
Here's how my Gennaro Paone pants are finished inside the hem. He told me this method is cleaner than the XxX method. By the way, my HK pants maker use the XxX method.
Carnet has some brown linen #309. Available in 385g or 215g. The heavier option is good stuff.
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