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Dugdale NFW is not a fresco in my opinion. What I've seen in their bunch looks like it will wear quite warm.
That DB looks like a million bucks.
No. I'm doing mine half-lined.
Mid grey in sharkskin or nailhead, dark grey or navy in herringbone.
Ermezine is good in warm weather as is lightweight Bemberg (Italian tailors use them).
Most suitings are finished very smooth. Fine for a suit, less so for an odd jacket. Fresco and flannel are also suitings but those have some surface interest.
Gilt Edge bunch is very suity. Won't work well as an odd jacket. If you are after a jacket, try to get a cloth that is meant as a jacketing for better texture and surface interest.
Halstead's huckaback weave jacketing 50% kid mohair/50% wool in navy or light navy. It's around 10 oz. Good for summer and you can layer up in the cooler months.
@chobochobo the LP vest won't fit you but the other two items should be ok
FWIW, I have never worked with a cutter who can't sew. I am especially suspicious of young tailors who can't sew much posing as 'tailors', gaining Instafame for being social media savvy.
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