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Playing around with new cam.
Having had both lined and unlined pants, I prefer the feel of worsted wool, flannel, linen, cotton on my legs over other materials. It's just more comfortable. I can imagine lining my pants if I am wearing a rustic tweedy suit which is really scratchy but I don't wear tweed suits.
Don't line your trousers.
I started out loving the TF (Milanese?) buttonhole, but after a while they look a bit too fine for its own sake. I'd have the A&S ones any day.
It's a Berluti.
What does this mean?
Is that GG06?
You are looking at a new with tag navy Loro Piana Horsey in Twenty K material. Leather collar. Outer shell is nylon. Comes with a zip out vest, detachable hood and collar storm flap. Vest lining is cotton/cashmere mix. Size is L or US 42. It was purchased from Loro Piana Tuscany outlet but it is too large for me. Receipt is enclosed. I am selling to recover costs. Paypal is fine. Please PM if interested. Some basic dimensions: Chest pit to pit: 25" Length from...
G&G have done so in shell.
Loafers are made on 555, which is a bit narrower and shorter than 800. 800 is used for boat shoes, ranger moc etc.
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