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Canvas chinos in sand or light khaki would be fantastic!
Herring Shoes surpasse all my expectations when it comes to service! Keep it up. I highly recommend doing business with them.
Heads up on some EG Oundle + EG heels for sale. Please see sig, thanks.
Heads up on some RLH honey sole for sale. See sig, thanks.
You are looking at these new soles and heels for sale. Reltex lactae hevea sole One pair available Size: 43. Can be used for shoes from size 40-43 Colour: Honey Price: US$25 shipped Edward Green leather heels Three pairs available Size: UK7.5 Colour: Natural. Can be stained to match existing sole. Price: US$10 shipped Thames rubber heels cut for Edward Green shoes Three pairs available. Size: UK7.5 Colour: Dark brown Price: US$10 shipped Philips rubber...
You are looking at some used Vass for sale. Condition is very good and as per pictures. Comes with shoe trees, bags and box. Vass mid brown suede chukka Last: F Size: 41 Uppers: Mid brown suede Sole: Double tapering to single leather sole with factory metal toe tips and Topy heels Price: US$450 shipped. SOLD!!! Vass saddle shell cordovan penny loafer Last: F Size: 41 Uppers: Horween saddle shell cordovan Sole: Single leather sole with factory rubber toe...
And cloth swatches laid on the table look a bit lighter compared to when they are held vertically.
+1. This applies to all types of samples including tiles, paint, etc.
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