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. Hope you are only refering to his bangles.
Yes, mine does. The A&S ones curve even more.
That looks wonderful. Are you in the position to compare this Fox flannel to Minnis flannel? I have some of the latter and would say they are pretty sturdy. Wonder what the Fox ones are like.
I'd love to see some shots of the flannel suit when it is made up.
Lovely example.
Playing around with new cam.
Having had both lined and unlined pants, I prefer the feel of worsted wool, flannel, linen, cotton on my legs over other materials. It's just more comfortable. I can imagine lining my pants if I am wearing a rustic tweedy suit which is really scratchy but I don't wear tweed suits.
Don't line your trousers.
I started out loving the TF (Milanese?) buttonhole, but after a while they look a bit too fine for its own sake. I'd have the A&S ones any day.
It's a Berluti.
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