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That too
Whether the shoulder line is curved or straight, assuming the same wearer, also depends on how extended the shoulders are. Mine have a small-ish extension. Gennaro told me that Mariano's jackets have a very long extension. And Liverano's own coats have a pretty long extension too. Mao's jackets, regardless of the maker, always have a long-ish extension.
And Super Dario would cut us visitors an even 'nicer' price. Argenio a few doors down is decent.
That's a LL suiting linen.
I will point out the fine print next time.
I was giving away freebies to test Gennaro's fitting skills since he claims to have done work for Pavarotti.
Will have Gennaro make me another suit and some sport coats. Any difference is down to the character of the cloth.
Gennaro is happy to accommodate some personal stylistic preferences.
You are absolutely right. My sharkskin and fresco numbers are the same spec as the linen and other earlier stuff from Gennaro.
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