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They are both high twist but one is a tad heavier. The heavier one drapes better IME and has nicer surface interest. The lighter weight one wears very cool. Perfect for muggy 30+ Celsius environment. If it's 30+ Celsius and dry, I'd go for the heavier one.
Agreed that it looks very nice compared to the earlier scan. Pert of the reason could be that we look or photograph cloths lying horizontal. Cloth patterns look very different when held vertically.
That weight Fresco wears very cool, much cooler than it's cousin that is 1oz heavier.
I've worn Modified shell in a half size smaller as a first pair, but subsequent pairs in shell and suede have proved a little too narrow at the pinky so I had to sell them and move a half size up. Weird.
Nice! Fit pics please.
Here's what the MD of HFW Minnis Hardy told me about their Fresco and flannel, amongst other bits: ".....the flannels are very British. The woollen spun flannels have the yarn spun in Huddersfield. The cloth is woven at Antich and the milling is done at Roberts finishers. The Fresco (this quality does not undergo a milling finish which is a process that bursts the yarn to create a flannel or saxony)...again the yarn is spun in Huddersfield...same spinner as it always has...
Lovely stuff!Is Mocha a little lighter than dark brown?
Worth another look! Congrats!
+1. Dark oak works with a lot of outfits.
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