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I don't think so.
Any pics on the feet?
It's much easier to get buttonholes to look pretty than to get fit right.
A Harris tweed jacket that's making its way to Hong Kong....
You will miss my espressos and be served some non-descript meat in soup noodles instead.
^ it will be magically sorted out
I've only ever used the Peninsula store and service is outstanding. I agree that if service is lacking, there is no point in returning.
+1. Don't waste time and money. Go for the best and enjoy wearing the garments.
I am buying in bulk some 310g 60% kid mohair/40% wool William Halstead mid navy huckaback weave hopsack. It's marketed as a jacketing but some have used it for trousers as well. Here is a scan that compares it to some identical (colour aside) cloths that are made for Caccioppoli (bottom left and right). The one I am looking to buy (middle swatch) is a shade of navy in between the two made for Caccioppoli (bottom left: standard navy, bottom right: light navy). This...
The bottom one for me. The yellowish tint you described will not be noticeable when made up.
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