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And cloth swatches laid on the table look a bit lighter compared to when they are held vertically.
+1. This applies to all types of samples including tiles, paint, etc.
@joshgustin you have any update on when the chinos will be offered and what kind of cut/s you will be doing?
Maybe one of you guys can help answer this: If I washed sanforized denim like those made by Gustin in a washing machine and have it spun dry (not tumble dry), and then hung up to air dry, what sort of shrinkage should I expect over say the first 10 washes? It would be done to something like The Natural which needs more frequent washes than typical indigo denim.
I'm looking out for some Cone Pima Fire. Any idea when/if those will be up for funding?
These were made by Y William Yu (Hong Kong) for me but never worn. Made from vintage Edwin Woodhouse dark grey fresco 8oz 100% wool cloth. Double pleats, two on-seam pockets, two back pockets, zip fly, daks waisted, cuffed. Handsewn details at pockets and fly. First pic is most accurate colour representation. Please PM if interested. Some key measurements: Waist: 34" Front rise: 12.5" Back rise: 17" Inseam: 30" Outseam: 41" Thigh: 27.5" Hem: 16" with 2"...
These are all vintage/deadstock cloths. Pre-Harrisons H. Lesser and the now defunct Edwin Woodhouse cloths. Please PM if interested. 1. H. Lesser (Pre-Harrisons), 8 oz navy Tropical worsted. 4.6m. Price: $400 shipped. SOLD!! 2. Edwin Woodhouse light tan calvary twill, 13 oz, 1.5m Price: $150shipped SOLD!! 3. Edwin Woodhouse medium tan calvary twill, 13 oz, 1.5m Price: $150shipped SOLD!! 4. Edwin Woodhouse mid grey covert twill, 13 oz, 1.5m Price:...
I would size down 1/2 on Detroit last.
Heads up on some vintage/deadstock Edwin Woodhouse and Lessers Tropical worsted I am selling. Please see my sig, thanks.
You are looking at a 3 piece bespoke tuxedo/dinner jacket from WW Chan that I had made a few years ago. I have worn it about a dozen times or so. Condition is excellent. Here are more details: Maker: WW Chan (Hong Kong), full canvas bespoke tuxedo/dinner jacket Material: VBC black cloth (8oz), black Bemberg lining, black silk grosgrain lapel facings, buttons Cut: Single breasted jacket with vest, daks waisted pants (no belt loop) Comes with a jacket, pants and...
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