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I am planning to bring Gennaro back to Hong Kong in October/November this year @Dib
Is that made from Drapers 8642 @gdl203 ?Here is a shot of Minnis 0300 (left) and Drapers 8642. Very similar look. Minnis is 13oz while Drapers is 11oz.
That's closer to the light grey Minnis flannel I think.
That's a good idea. Do you think Harrrisons woolen flannel 39249 would work?
How about this 16 oz Harrisons Archive flannel in fuzzy grey POW?
Yes, it is meant as a jacketing.Have you guys come across any flannel that can be used as a jacketing and/or suiting (navy flannel aside)?
Do you guys think this Fox POW flannel works better as a suiting or a jacketing? Or OK for both? It's black check on ecru background.
Gennaro Paone's work across different body types in the Hong Kong trunk show. None of them are @itsstillmatt
Nothing made up myself but Paone is making one up for a HK client. The blue looks amazing.
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