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I have a new pair of size 41 New Peter shoe trees for sale. PM if interested. See sig.
I always find lightweight patterned summer coat fabrics lack depth, especially if it is a worsted or finished smooth. Some patterned linens have very nice surface interest. Perhaps you can source some to compare. I have seen some Italian ones but don't know who made them.
It wears a tad cooler probably due to the mohair content, but it is significantly pricklier especially on the trousers if you do them unlined.
I am selling on behalf of a friend. Will let him know. Thanks.
You are looking at a pair of new and unused Nackymade MTM made of high grade Italian acetate. Very high quality work from a Japanese maker that is being featured at The Armoury. Comes with protective box. Please PM if interested. Price: USD180 shipped
+1. TSM refunds take a long time.
This is an unused pair. Marked size 41. Fits 41 or 41.5 as Vass don't make half size trees. Shipped for $25. PM if interested. Thanks. SOLD
Send them a Modified last and see what they say.
One more piece of pre-Harrsions H. Lesser tropical worsted left for sale. Please see my sig.
You are looking at a pair of lightly used Vass for sale. Comes with box, shoe bags and lasted trees. Please PM if interested. Model: Based on Edward Green Ladbroke Last: F Size: 41 Uppers: Black calf (no rear seam) Sole: Single leather sole with factory rubber toe tips and heel Price shipped: $380 -> $300 -> SOLD
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