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What's the lead time? Be sure to post a review when the goods get in. Thanks in advance.
Steed? How does it compare in terms of fit and finish to Solito?
I think suede is the most versatile. One only needs to brush it from time to time. And suede has spunk to go with a suit and casual as well.
Perhaps your G&G are too large for you.
G&G heel cups are by far the best fitting ones I've come across for those with narrower heels.
Tip Top or equivalent is false economy unless one is as knowledgeable as, say, Manton about what to look for. In most places where quality bespoke clothing are being made, the cost of cloth is a small part of the total. Yea you might save a few bucks here and there but the risk of getting it wrong is very high. If you find some old Woodhouse or old Lesser's, by all means buy them if it is what you want and the price is right. More often than not, people buy what they...
Depends on the severity. But you are right, patina is stain.
. Hope you are only refering to his bangles.
Yes, mine does. The A&S ones curve even more.
That looks wonderful. Are you in the position to compare this Fox flannel to Minnis flannel? I have some of the latter and would say they are pretty sturdy. Wonder what the Fox ones are like.
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