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That's because the owner of the Liverano jacket is also the owner of the LL linen jacket! Good eyes.
Some shots from Landmark Mandarin Oriental where the Hong Kong trunk show was held. Talking with hands, some fittings, and pressing a LL linen DB suit for delivery. [/URL
Some recently delivered items from Gennaro & Andrea Paone during the Hong Kong trunk show. A grey sharkskin and navy Fresco. The boys will be back in Hong Kong in May/June 2015. And a LL linen jacket
You loser. Gennaro was bitching you put on weight . Kidding....,
Gennaro is back in Hong Kong. Will have some photos on Instagram before I get time to post them on SF. http://instagram.com/kolecho15/
My suit jackets and sport jackets are cut the same length.
I use 2m for a jacket and 3m for a suit. Hope that helps.
Blazers are usually made from worsted serge, worsted hopsack or flannel. Some suggest that a serge weave is the most traditional cloth choice of the three mentioned. There is another Fox serge around 17oz with a very prominent twill that Gennaro Paone made up for me as a db blazer. It's an awesome cloth that comprises of worsted and woollen yarns. Have a look at it.
I've worked with Gennaro on commissions of my own and seen him work with others. The shoulder width on my jackets are extended, chest is draped and there is no shoulder padding. The chest drape may not be apparent on the first couple of outings, but it's there. I've asked for these features along with jacket length, lapel width at the get-go as I thought it's better to have more allowance to dial down as necessary. On the other hand, I've seen clients ask for little to no...
I don't know as I have not had any made from the latest bunch.
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