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The bottom one for me. The yellowish tint you described will not be noticeable when made up.
I've got a couple of jackets made out of Mayfair hopsack. It's pretty loose and hangs longer than your average worsted wool cloth. Feels like a sweater.
Third trunk show and counting! Gennaro Paone will be back in Hong Kong from May 8-10, 2015. Please feel free to PM me for details and appointments.
@joshgustin would the latest Downtown Brown be done with brown-toned stitching?
Last call for these Rangoon suitings. Please PM if interested. Thanks.
That's good to know. Which mill/distributor would you suggest to source pure hemp from?
@gdl203 @emptym have you made up any pure hemp as a jacket? How's the drape and is it suitable for warmer weather?
HK based guys can pick up in person. PM me what you'd like. Coffee is on you!
Rangoon feels smoother than Fresco. Hand is very similar to tropical worsteds like Lesser's but it's more porous. Finnemeresco is around 11oz.
No. I meant Fresco 8/9oz hangs longer than Fresco 9/10oz.
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