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The ones I've come across are pretty flat.
I don't see the point of a blue sharkskin. It just looks like any regular twill, quite flat.
I have a sharkskin suit made by Gennaro Paone. Look it up in his thread. The cloth has guts and a lot more texture than Lesser's 13oz sharkskin, which is what I prefer.
I am looking for some grey Harris tweed overcoating, weight around 20oz. Any idea where to find some?
It was made up as a suit but I think linen suit jackets can be easily used as an odd jacket.
Awesome cloth!
Agreed, especially since Solito double stitched the lapels.
Oyster is a lovely book, but it's from Harrisons.Smith has/had some books that are similar called Botany and Steadfast.I think one of those hopsacks would work fine as a jacket or blazer suit.
That LL check is massive and very loud IMHO.
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