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I prefer hopsack over serge. Most hopsack (and serge) suitings I have seen are too fine a weave to pass off as a blazer or blazer suit. The nicest hopsack weave I have seen so far is LL Mistral circa 16oz, but it is a bot heavy for my purpose. If there is something that looks similar but is circa 13oz, I'd be keen.
Can anyone suggest an English navy hopsack that is suitable for a blazer suit circa 13oz (400g)?
Halstead has some kid mohair/wool mix with a porous weave that is very nice. Circa 8oz -12oz IIRC. Ask if they have any in cream.
What's the style of the overcoat worn by Antonio Liverano? I think he is wearing one that is similar to the green Casentino (also by Liverano). Any idea what the back looks like?
Very nice patina on those shoes. B Nelson can do a Vibram with recessed plate that looks pleasing. Check this AAAC post.http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/forum/showthread.php?102376-Euoropean-metal-toe-peices-now-available
It is dark cognac IIRC.
FWIW, I wear Barrie last in 7.5D and Rancourt 800 last in 8.5D. Both fit well.
+1. Oyster has a more "rustic" finish compared to Smith's and Lesser's 12/13 oz equivalent, which I prefer. I have several of them and they all make up very well.
SC have very quirky designs IMHO.
I am considering peanut suede beefroll. Is the color like Alden's snuff suede? Peanut suede looks more orangey in pictures on Rancourt's site.
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