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202 looks very nice in D width indeed. I tried going a half size up and a width down on 202 but it ended up being too narrow.
+1. Beautiful.
202 is a tad wider than 888, has a higher instep and is also a shorter last than 888. It's hard to comment on whether sizing down would work. Best to try some sizes on to be more certain.
Sorry if I offended your ignorance.
It's not about price. Ray deals with tweed, linen and overcoatings. The guys at Smith deal with worsteds. The two premises are within walking distance but I don't think Ray keeps worsted patterns at his place. He has to send your request to the Smith guys. It's easier for you to go direct to Smith and deal with people there who handle worsteds on a daily basis and have such patterns/pieces/rolls within arm's reach to send to you.
You are better off getting to know the Smith guys if you buy worsteds often enough.
Ray runs W. Bill but I am sure he will forward your note to the guys at Smith Woollens as the two are owned by the same people.
What's the lead time? Be sure to post a review when the goods get in. Thanks in advance.
Steed? How does it compare in terms of fit and finish to Solito?
I think suede is the most versatile. One only needs to brush it from time to time. And suede has spunk to go with a suit and casual as well.
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