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Reminds me of Alden shoes quality control.
Update on the two custom run Rangoon. The mill is expecting them to come in by end of next week from the finishers. If all goes as planned, they will be shipped sometime in the middle of July. Will keep everyone posted.
Sup Kazu 😬
Linen jackets should have unlined sleeves.
Almost every tailor that I know prefer zips themselves.
I like what you've done with junior's button point. Looks more balanced now.
I had a jacket made up a while ago. It does wrinkle (part of the look), but probably not as much as pure linen in the same weight. Wears cool, which is a good thing.
I am planning to bring Gennaro back to Hong Kong in October/November this year @Dib
Is that made from Drapers 8642 @gdl203 ?Here is a shot of Minnis 0300 (left) and Drapers 8642. Very similar look. Minnis is 13oz while Drapers is 11oz.
That's closer to the light grey Minnis flannel I think.
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