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You are looking at a new pair of EG Oundle that are for sale. Details are as follows. Please PM if interested. Thanks Condition: NEW with box and cloth bags etc. No shoe trees. Brand: Edward Green Model: Oundle Size: UK8D Last: 888 Uppers: Mink suede Sole: Single leather with metal toe taps Sole measurements: Heel to toe: 11 5/8"; Width at ball: 4 1/16" Price: $950 -> $800 shipped SOLD!!!
I am also very fond of the full round toe bespoke example which look very English to my eyes, and in the same style with punch cap. Brown calf or brown suede would be ideal IMHO.
Toothpicks. LOLz.
I go for a full size up on lace up Rancourt last compared with Barrie.
These are brand new. $20 shipped. Please PM if interested. Thanks. SOLD!
I have a new pair of size 41 New Peter shoe trees for sale. PM if interested. See sig.
I always find lightweight patterned summer coat fabrics lack depth, especially if it is a worsted or finished smooth. Some patterned linens have very nice surface interest. Perhaps you can source some to compare. I have seen some Italian ones but don't know who made them.
It wears a tad cooler probably due to the mohair content, but it is significantly pricklier especially on the trousers if you do them unlined.
I am selling on behalf of a friend. Will let him know. Thanks.
You are looking at a pair of new and unused Nackymade MTM made of high grade Italian acetate. Very high quality work from a Japanese maker that is being featured at The Armoury. Comes with protective box. Please PM if interested. Price: USD180 shipped
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