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While an unlined sleeve could catch, an unlined back won't. Every bit of breathability help when you use such garments in warm environment IMHO. By the way, it is easy to have the back converted from half-lined to fully-lined. It is a lot more work going the other way round.
Gennaro is back in Hong Kong from March 18-20. Please PM me if interested. Thanks.
The Rangoon remakes that I've done are all from available yarns so not all colours are possible (unless the order is 700 metres minimum). Finishing is done by WT Johnson as it had been going back as far as 8 years. Prior to that Minnis used to do its own finishing. These details were made known to me by the guys at Minnis.
Sorry I don't.
It is being made at the mill.
Smith's Blue Riband has some but twills are not known to be breathable like plain weaves.
8-9 oz Fresco wears coolest but it can lose shape and hangs longer than other worsteds. Think the weave is on the looser side.I have worn both Rangoon and Fresco 9-10oz in HK weather and come to decide for myself that it wears cooler. Could be because Rangoon is smoother finish and less prickly than Fresco 9-10 oz.
Rangoon has a smoother finish than Fresco 9/10 oz. Drapes just as well. It wears cooler. There isn't a nailhead pattern in the Fresco bunch, and none in this mid grey shade in other tropical English bunches that I know of.
Gents. I am doing a special run of Minnis Rangoon 8-9oz tropical worsted. This is a grey nailhead pattern that is the same shade as the mid grey sharkskin Harrisons Oyster 75762 (the middle grey of the three shades of sharkskin from the Oyster bunch). Price is USD60/m plus shipping. Self pick up in HK is fine. Please PM if you are interested. Thanks.
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