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How about this 16 oz Harrisons Archive flannel in fuzzy grey POW?
Yes, it is meant as a jacketing.Have you guys come across any flannel that can be used as a jacketing and/or suiting (navy flannel aside)?
Do you guys think this Fox POW flannel works better as a suiting or a jacketing? Or OK for both? It's black check on ecru background.
Gennaro Paone's work across different body types in the Hong Kong trunk show. None of them are @itsstillmatt
Nothing made up myself but Paone is making one up for a HK client. The blue looks amazing.
I'd suggest the mid grey sharkskin and the blue birdseye. Oyster drapes very well for its weight and has nice surface interest.
Looks like an overcoat, therefore not a Fresco.
Some HK shots....
Handsome stuff. If you can convince Fishball to sell some to you, get some!
New Posts  All Forums: