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Moccasin construction cannot be re-lasted, unlike welted shoes. The best that Rancourt can do is shove a wider or longer last into the shoes to stretch them a bit. It may or may not be enough to sort the problem out.
Where's Alden?
Clean and focussed collection.
Having tried almost all lasts from Vass, I'd settle with F last if I had to choose one for comfort and looks.
OUCH!! Please update after the damage has been fixed.
A classic design done on a lovely last.
I would get a pair in suede. Agreed that the pattern is very nicely balanced.
You are looking at a pair of new Vass shoes with lasted trees. Comes with bags and box. Price includes worldwide shipping. Paypal is fine. Please PM if interested. Here are the details: Model: Vass Melton (design inspired by some Cleverley bespoke shoes). No rear seam. Last: F Size: 41 Outsole measurements: Approx. 11 3/4" long from heel to toe x 4" wide at ball Uppers: Mid brown suede Soles: Double tapering to single sole with metal toe tips, Topy heel. Price: US$580...
I think you are over reacting. You should have a little patience and try to settle this with Leffot before filing a dispute with Paypal. Plus, the last thing I'd do is run the story up on SF. I've had issues with Leffot's shoes before and all was resolved over some emails.
They look nicely done. Did Nick change the welt? Has the fit of the shoes changed in any way (I recall someone posted in this thread that the fit of his boots changed after the soles were changed by Nick)?
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