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It was made up as a suit but I think linen suit jackets can be easily used as an odd jacket.
Awesome cloth!
Agreed, especially since Solito double stitched the lapels.
Oyster is a lovely book, but it's from Harrisons.Smith has/had some books that are similar called Botany and Steadfast.I think one of those hopsacks would work fine as a jacket or blazer suit.
That LL check is massive and very loud IMHO.
W. Bill cashmere for UKP60/m is a steal.
I'm looking for some suiting or jacketing linen with a herringbone weave. Mid brown colour. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
That too
Whether the shoulder line is curved or straight, assuming the same wearer, also depends on how extended the shoulders are. Mine have a small-ish extension. Gennaro told me that Mariano's jackets have a very long extension. And Liverano's own coats have a pretty long extension too. Mao's jackets, regardless of the maker, always have a long-ish extension.
New Posts  All Forums: