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1m is plenty even for self-backed waistcoats. Most tailors ask for 0.6-0.8m. Silk-backed is pretty warm to wear.
The mill had some issues that delayed the despatch. The goods will be sent out today. Very sorry about the delay.
I'd definitely recommend Ascot Chang for shirts.
I like the W. Bill ones. More of a jacketing feel compared to Molloy. Molly's can be used for a jacket also but it's a tighter weave that's meant for a suit.
Leave it there as a mark of bespoke.
I have some leftover Rangoon in light navy from the recent special run. Please PM me if you'd like to have some. They are ready to ship next week.
Quick update on the special run of Rangoon. The mill is processing the cutting and mailing the cloths now. They should all be sent out by the middle of next week.
Agreed re the latest Barbera for Lesser, and it's more expensive than comparable cloths also.
Reminds me of Alden shoes quality control.
Update on the two custom run Rangoon. The mill is expecting them to come in by end of next week from the finishers. If all goes as planned, they will be shipped sometime in the middle of July. Will keep everyone posted.
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