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This thread delivers
Minnis has some.
I've heard some store cloths with bars of soap as moth repellant. I keep mine in Chinese camphor chests.
It's been good weather for heavy linens lately in HK. Flannel + humidity = cardiac arrest
I would not suggest Golden Bale for workhorse suits.
Here are some photos that show the different qualities that are now part of the Fresco III 3 bunch. I've tried to photograph grey swatches where possible so that texture differences can be seen.
Has anyone used the 3 ply or 4 ply Finmeresco cloths before? Thinking of using one of the twills for a DB blazer. Photos courtesy of Merino Brothers.
He needs a better tailor.
This Mock Leno/Mocklino weave has shown up in Halstead and Dugdale bunches as well. It is awesome as jacketing.
He's back in Hong Kong soon!
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