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Some of the names mentioned as having their own HK-based workshops have their "spillover" work sent across the border as well. Most of the garments that get made up in HK are for regular customers or those who can wait for the busy HK-based sifus to get around to doing their commissions. I'd say that tailors have their A and B teams, just like sports clubs
He must be a hot tailor.
Smith's 14oz Steadfast bunch? It's very good indeed. I also like Harrisons Oyster 13oz bunch. It also has very nice texture.
It sounds like a shirt jacket type of garment, though the cut might be somewhat different. Wool will catch on your shirt if left unlined completely and will feel scratchy. You're better off with linen to cotton because no matter what wool you choose, it will never look the same as a jacket with canvas under it. You might as well embrace some crumpled charisma.
Last call for this Rangoon run. Thanks.
Next Hong Kong trunk show from November 4-6 2016. Please PM if you are interested. Thanks.
Very nice. No fittings?
Too warm for me in Hong Kong but depending on where you are it could be appropriate. I see a lot of people using it in Japan for example.
The pic is of the actual swatch and I tried to capture the shade of grey as close as possible. It is pretty close to reality.
For those who are interested in the scale, it is the same as this Fox flannel.
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