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H&S Crispaire/Fresco book used to have some heavy Fresco (made by Minnis), but they are an oz or two lighter than the ones offered by Minnis themselves. Have a look around for them.
I wash with cold water and tumble dry hot. Nothing dramatic in terms of fading.
I use Irish linen pants a lot. Before having them made up, I wash and tumble dry myself to remove all shrinkage. After they are made up, I simply throw them into the wash with other cottons, hang dry and press. Fading is part of the deal with linen and cotton. Looks good IMHO.
Some Fresco and Steadfast for sale. Please see my sig.
You are looking at some suitings for sale. Please PM if interested. 1. Minnis Fresco 0520 RAF blue This cloth needs no introduction. Very popular for blazer suit or jacket. Porous and wrinkle resistant. Weight is 9/10 oz. 2m: US$200 US$160 US$145 shipped in the US SOLD! 3m: US$285 US$230 US$210 shipped in the US SOLD! 5m: US$450 shipped SOLD! 1. Pre-acquisition Smith Steadfast navy hopsack This is a merino wool hopsack that is already sold out. ...
Canvas chinos in sand or light khaki would be fantastic!
Herring Shoes surpasse all my expectations when it comes to service! Keep it up. I highly recommend doing business with them.
Heads up on some EG Oundle + EG heels for sale. Please see sig, thanks.
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