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^^ Seriously. I shudder to think how much they might've cost...
Don't tend to plan out purchases much at all, but should buy a suit at some point this year.
Nothing really standout this year, but I did like - Animal Kingdom A Town Called Panic The Secret In Their Eyes Mother Red Riding Trilogy Mesrine: Killer Instinct / Public Enemy #1
43 pages and no mention of the Visvim slim chinos? Picked a pair up in navy - pricier than I would've liked, but very happy with the cut and fabric.
Quote: Originally Posted by softy a real challenge, buying clothes for women... i would not buy a girlfriend used clothing, btw +1. Looks a bit too much like a men's piece too (unless that's her thing?)
Past month or so - Nike x Sophnet Internationalist sneakers Visvim slim chinos Raf x Eastpak messenger Cosmic Wonder metallic print tee
Quote: Originally Posted by SuperBobo adamha, consistently good shit! Digging that fit too!
walk wear (saba, junya, v room, vans vault)
Good fit whodini - nice to finally see one or two actual fall looks on here.
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