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Nice cop BrizaBirch, love the King Tubby's.
Stand Up Comedy is cool - not much guy's stuff, but still worth checking out: http://shopstandingup.us/indexhibit/index.php
^ I like that - agreed the first couple of Mauro's swatches look awful.
Looking sharp shoreman - roll/turtleneck is good on you.
hare rafpak twig arms undercover nikexsophnet
Quote: Originally Posted by DLester Somebody tell me when it is going to be safe to wear a leather jacket without someone going "har har what are you trying out to be on Happy Days? har!" Not everyone has the right look/attitude to pull off a leather jacket IMO - you can easily come off looking like a dork (trying to be cool), hence maybe all the Fonz references. WAYWT is full of examples like this.
^^ Seriously. I shudder to think how much they might've cost...
Don't tend to plan out purchases much at all, but should buy a suit at some point this year.
Nothing really standout this year, but I did like - Animal Kingdom A Town Called Panic The Secret In Their Eyes Mother Red Riding Trilogy Mesrine: Killer Instinct / Public Enemy #1
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