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^ The jacket fit is great MOK, definitely one of your better ones. Just curious, roughly how big's your wardrobe MOK? It seems like almost every fit you're wearing completely new/different stuff?
Good fits as usual Platypus, e0d9n0b5 + nice pickup on the Dries coat Johan.
muji | levi's | jean shop | pierre hardy
i have a couple fits in mind for them. didn't like them at first either (hate moc toes in general), but something about them drew me back + my impulse buys usually end up being the stuff i like the most.
Impulse buy - Also got a Stone Island down jacket off eBay, very solid piece. Wish it wasn't so hard to find their good stuff in small sizing, would buy so much more from that brand.
Just finished watching season 1 the other day, great series - very addictive (often found myself up til the wee hours trying to squeeze one more episode in). How closely does the US version follow this one? Worth watching too?
Quote: Originally Posted by omgcookielol These finally came in. Really, really soft calfskin leather, and the shoe fits well in absolutely every way. I had to doublecheck the upper to make sure it was really leather because it's just so soft and light. Probably the most comfortable thing I've ever walked around in. Good pickup - crazy how soft these feel.
Quote: Originally Posted by venessian Kanter is the Turkish player (C/PF) who was going to play at UK, and then couldn't because he had played pro in Turkey. Apparently a top talent. Remember seeng this guy in an US v World exhibition game a year or two ago - he was definitely a standout amongst both teams.
Quote: Originally Posted by BB1 Perhaps this sounds lazy and boring to some, but trying to wear more unusual outfits while traveling is just too difficult and time consuming to pull off well. Compared to the bland and baggy outfits I see others wearing most places, even my most basic fit tends to stand out anyway. Couldn't imagine travelling with anything more than carry-on these days (unless you're going backpacking around the world). If...
Quote: Originally Posted by asobu Yeah, generally I think there is better stuff to be found in Shibuya, there seem to be more good stores there as well. I've had some luck with one of the Ragtags in Shinjuku though, and the one in Ginza has been particularly good to me. Just too bad that one's sort of out of the way. Never been out to Ginza to buy clothes, will have to hit there up next trip.
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