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The OKC/Denver and Dallas/Portland (go Blazers!) series should be great. Nothing else too interesting in the first round (doubt N.Y. will be any match for Boston).
Like the cut of those chinos, saelan.
http://mediadecoder.blogs.nytimes.co...ref=television Shit. First Terriers, now this one too
Don't know why everyone is saying Undercover is so hard to find online. Off the top of my head, Browns, Slam Jam, The Corner, The-Glade, Farfetch, Alan Bilzerian all carry it. The markup outside Japan is definitely high though, probably the biggest reason you don't see more of it on here. Haven't seen it in person yet, but this season seems mostly boring unforunately.
Nice cop BrizaBirch, love the King Tubby's.
Stand Up Comedy is cool - not much guy's stuff, but still worth checking out: http://shopstandingup.us/indexhibit/index.php
^ I like that - agreed the first couple of Mauro's swatches look awful.
Looking sharp shoreman - roll/turtleneck is good on you.
hare rafpak twig arms undercover nikexsophnet
Quote: Originally Posted by DLester Somebody tell me when it is going to be safe to wear a leather jacket without someone going "har har what are you trying out to be on Happy Days? har!" Not everyone has the right look/attitude to pull off a leather jacket IMO - you can easily come off looking like a dork (trying to be cool), hence maybe all the Fonz references. WAYWT is full of examples like this.
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