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Devastated about B Roy
Just paid too!
If there's still a free spot, I'm in!
Pretty sure Aloha Rag stocked it. Also remember seeing it in one of the H Lorenzo stores (HLNR or something) earlier this year.
Looking good Uncontrol! Like that flyinglotus fit from pages back too. Almost summer here now: Lanvin W+H Undercover Feit SAG Tokyo (no vis)
Like that fit a lot roxstar. Good proportions and a bit of styling make all the difference.
May cop these.
^ The jacket fit is great MOK, definitely one of your better ones. Just curious, roughly how big's your wardrobe MOK? It seems like almost every fit you're wearing completely new/different stuff?
Good fits as usual Platypus, e0d9n0b5 + nice pickup on the Dries coat Johan.
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