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Hi all - wardrobe cleanout... all prices are $US, $10 shipping within Australia and $20 worldwide. More stuff to be added soon. Open to trades (size S/M) for items from Undercover, Stone Island, Number Nine, Nonnative, Isaora, Christopher Shannon, Wings + Horns or similiar. Junya Watanabe Parka Tag Size: S Mesh lining $150 Shoulder to shoulder: 17.5" Pit to pit: 19.5" Sleeve length: 25" Body length: 27"
I've been starting to do this too, but it's hard to break out of habits - out of a dozen or more pants, I probably wear the same 2 or 3 most days.
Isaora online store at 60% off.
^^ Yep. Didn't really want to drop that much on a scarf, but couldn't find a single other one I wanted. May as well get the one I like, price be damned.
Most worn are my Wings + Horns black raw jeans and Undercover shorts w/ long johns/leggings (wear both at least a few times a week depending on time of year). The shorts are really perfect (lightweight suit-type charcoal wool and came unhemmed), if I could find pants in the same material I'd buy them in a second. Rarely rock the shorts/leggings look but have repurposed the long johns to wear under my lighter weight pants recently.
Ta for the link Ivwri - I'm a bit confused too as it was billed as a product launch...
I always like checking out what Christopher Shannon does, but was a bit let down this time. Can anyone post up pics/video from Aithor Throup's show? Google is failing me.
^^ On the Rogan jacket? Haven't seen it in person, guess I'll know once it gets here (it's returnable anyway). Never really paid any attention to this brand, but I like how it fits in that pic (although I saw another on the Nordstrom site that made it look awful...)
Took a punt on this jacket -
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