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You'll be fine, not much hope of me catching up I'm afraid.
I love this jacket so much, the detail shots are beautiful. The sheer black parka and some of the pants are nice too. With all the emphasis on techwear lately it's a shame the men's line doesn't get more love.
For anyone to have the prime of their career cut short through no fault of their own is a sad thing.Now? Sure. I'm no Bargs apologist, but he did put up some good numbers over a few seasons.
I feel bad for the dude, but Oden was a far, far worse pick than Bargnani. Dude only managed to played 82 games in the past 6 years AND they drafted him over Kevin friggin Durant!
Fuck, Ilyasova has done jack squat for me all season, so I finally drop him and he goes 27-14 and 27-16 the next two games
Want to try some Christopher Raeburn stuff, although the two things I wanted on Oki Ni (backpack and cap) are already sold out.
Completely forgot about the draft, my team didn't turn out quite as bad as I was expecting.
I'm in again! 1. RFX45 2. Mikey34 3. indesertum 4. SteveB 5. NAMOR 6. __CB__
This. Most stores have horrible Y-3 buys, almost nothing without the massive logo plastered all over.You really do have to go to check out one of their own stores to find the better pieces.
^ Yah don't get how you're meant to wear ultra-short scarves like that?
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