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Maybe cool wasn't the right choice of words (nor was it a slam against AE as a brand), but I can't really see much to like about those at all. Very dull.
^ Not cool at all.
A Jil Sander one (<$100), was nice but managed to ruin it pretty quickly... so nowadays its all $5 tees, no need to worry what happens to 'em.
There's always one or two pieces I like each season, but the overall direction of this label just confuses me.... plus the prices have reached the point where they're just not worth bothering with anymore.
http://newdandyism.com/ http://mrhares.blogspot.com/ If lookbooks are your thing - http://mensrag.com/ http://coutequecoute.blogspot.com/search/label/MEN
^ Real talk.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin http://jpressonline.com/accessories_hats.php?page=all Yep, seen the fisherman's one before and it would've been ideal. Unfortunately, no J-Press in Vancouver and I find hats tricky to purchase online size-wise.
A good, casual men's hat (ie non cap) is extroadinarily hard to find (at least in Vancouver). Is the bucket hat dead this season? Was looking everywhere and found almost nothing - its all caps and douchey straw fedoras. Eventually got a simple Kangol trilby - not bad, but kinda wish I didn't have to settle (with hats, buying online isn't an option - really need to see how they'll look on me).
^ Good advice. To me there's still some selected pieces (off the top of my head: deck pants, chore coats) that are tough to make work unless you commit to that aesthetic 100%, but (as has been said) I don't see the difficulty in working, say, a chambray, plaid flannel, peacoat or work boots amongst classic American brands. If it's the really idiosyncratic workwear details that are throwing things off, look for designers offering more modern interpretations on these styles.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lachy Op shop = second hand/thrift store. I'm not sure why we call it that though. short for opportunity (hence run by charities). nice pickup on the shirt zissou.
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