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Quote: Originally Posted by robin The blogs that are following in their footsteps: hypebeast, slamhype, hyrcollective, selectism, etc. This is true, but men.style.com and the rest of conde nast has hardly been a bastion of great journalism either. And I lol whenever I see any of these people call themselves fashion journalists. The overall standard of writing on men.style.com is head and shoulders above all the other blogs just...
^ Me too. I'd like to see someone outside Japan pick up Old Joe & Co. and Marchercher as well.
^ Jeans are nice.
+1 for Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, food-wise def. my fave show by far. No Reservations and UK Kitchen Nightmares arey pretty good too.
H&M or Gap are the only two I bother with (the latter only at sale prices). Don't know why H&M gets so much flak over quality, my stuff has always held up well - better than some other brands charging several times their prices. Good selection and generally a pretty good fit off the rack too. Gap sizing often runs too big for me, but each season they'll usually have a couple of decent things. Club Monaco ain't too bad - looks like shit if you try'd to wear a full outfit...
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou What's their website? I can't seem to google it. http://www.thehill-side.com/ Curious to see if they expand beyond ties/bandanas.
That Ervell was beautiful. I don't think a backpack is necessarily the right option here either, but if you must buy one, I'd look into Y's Mandarina - http://www.ysmandarina.com/. Nice, clean design.
45rpm kazehiko eternal ? raf x raf coated jean shop rocker red ear washed lee 101z only the first two get regular wear atm.
Size on the JLS polo? Will take if it's a S or XS. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by kelvinsense who stocks XS? +1.
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