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^^^ It was at least nice to see more of the RRL range online than just boring old oxfords, jeans and khaki's - although that said, a lot of those pieces require more steez than the typical SFer (myself included) to pull off.
Went there last month for the first time too - nothing to add you won't find in any tourist guide, but Commander's Palace, Napoleon House, Red Fish Grill and Acme Oyster House were all good-to-great food wise. Mother's is the only place I ate where the food felt mediocre, and got plenty of attitude from the staff.... Mary's At The Market (near French Market) was a decent pub too, pretty even mix of locals/tourists.
don't think i've posted a fit here before... stussy | what goes around comes around | 45rpm | church's | 45rpm
Quote: Originally Posted by breakz Update on my "un-heeled" shoes...turns out that particular shoe didn't have the heel nailed down. Cost me $25 for one shoe...sounds right? Cobbler told me mine couldn't be attached back on - $25 isn't much tho, I don't think I paid a lot more than that to have mine replaced either. Edit: Nice pickups - like the oxblood especially.
Quote: Originally Posted by breakz Question for anyone with PS shoes. I have a pair of Millers in brown that I picked up at Neiman Marcus some time last year. While taking my shoes off today after work, the heel part of the sole detached from the leather upper. I wear them 2-3 times a week to work, for reference. Are these shoes constructed well, or do they just look nice? Is this a quick fix? I'm bummed to see my nice pair of shoes like...
Head's-up to anyone in/passing through New Orleans - saw about a dozen pairs of Crate jeans (some NWT, some NWOT) in a Buffalo Exchange (Garden District), all $40ish. Have never handled the brand before and found the fit/sizing on many odd, so might be factory seconds...
^^^ This is the SW&D section, not MC - plus, there's a million pairs of lace-ups out there that look better than those things. To me, not worth putting on your feet at any price, but whatever floats your boat...
Maybe cool wasn't the right choice of words (nor was it a slam against AE as a brand), but I can't really see much to like about those at all. Very dull.
^ Not cool at all.
A Jil Sander one (<$100), was nice but managed to ruin it pretty quickly... so nowadays its all $5 tees, no need to worry what happens to 'em.
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