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^ This. Button down, jeans, oxford/derby type shoe. Done.
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The length on those UU pants are tricky, I have the same pair but they never looked right on me - ended up tailoring mine into shorts.
I got a couple things from earlier Isaora seasons but haven't been as big a fan of their recent stuff. Materials aren't anything special but have held up OK. Would only buy again on deep discount.
Something like this?If you're gonna try it the top half (at least) should fit oversized (sleeves close to elbow length).
Been meaning to try out some stuff from Sacai.
You'll be fine, not much hope of me catching up I'm afraid.
I love this jacket so much, the detail shots are beautiful. The sheer black parka and some of the pants are nice too. With all the emphasis on techwear lately it's a shame the men's line doesn't get more love.
For anyone to have the prime of their career cut short through no fault of their own is a sad thing.Now? Sure. I'm no Bargs apologist, but he did put up some good numbers over a few seasons.
I feel bad for the dude, but Oden was a far, far worse pick than Bargnani. Dude only managed to played 82 games in the past 6 years AND they drafted him over Kevin friggin Durant!
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