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Yep, and already full - http://www.styleforum.net/t/362027/full-league-draft-10-29-5pst-the-official-alden-x-sf-2013-2014-yahoo-fantasy-b-ball-league-thread/0_50 Would enough people be open to starting another league? I was too slow registering this year
Stupid of me to even consider it seeing we've barely even had a winter this year, but I do want this Issey Miyake jacket
Nice pickup sand3r, looking to add some Raeburn to my closet too. Get where you were going with the cargos too, pairing it with some sort of flight pants would be the obvious choice.
I don't get why people think stores have any obligation to do that actually. You obviously liked it enough to pay regular price so why cry over 20 bucks?
Big fan of Forbrydelsen too. When you're finished with that series, check out Bron/Broen (The Bridge) which is pretty similiar and good.
It's over 10 years old now (and could desperately use an update), but Techno Fashion by Bradley Quinn is worth a look for those into techwear. My favorite chapter was the one on transformables - talked about CP Company Urban Protection line, Final Home etc. Found a link where you can read it here - http://www.questia.com/library/102163793/techno-fashion
Thanks habitant - yeah it has some nice details, really like what I've seen from Sacai so far.
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