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If the Blazers can survive the first round, a Steph/Klay vs Dame/CJ shootout series would be fun to watch.
Thanks guys + well played Akeem - looked like it actually could've gone either way up until yesterday.
I'm in - PM sent @NAMOR.
^ OK thanks - these were only 2 bills so am fine with taking the chance on 'em.
Damn really? Hoping mine hold up a little better...
Impulse buy from Barneys sale - anyone have experience with this brand Shoto?
Don't normally watch Shaqtin' but this week's made me LOL. http://allball.blogs.nba.com/category/shaqtin-a-fool/
D. Rose is ruining my week - 14/60 from the field in 3 games this week SMH
Yeah too early to drop him I think, I'm weak at PF so doubt I'll find anything better off waivers.
FML I drafted both these guys (Rose and Faried) Rose still puts up OK numbers whenever he does suit up but Faried has been a total dud. Hoping both can turn it around soon.
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