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Don't normally watch Shaqtin' but this week's made me LOL. http://allball.blogs.nba.com/category/shaqtin-a-fool/
D. Rose is ruining my week - 14/60 from the field in 3 games this week SMH
Yeah too early to drop him I think, I'm weak at PF so doubt I'll find anything better off waivers.
FML I drafted both these guys (Rose and Faried) Rose still puts up OK numbers whenever he does suit up but Faried has been a total dud. Hoping both can turn it around soon.
Missed out last year so I'm in (1st league). Where to pay?
Lunar Woods
Keep eyeing off these Y3 Deca's.
Got some pants from Disaeran for summer (navy and tan). Better than I expected, not a bad option for those who don't wanna drop Acronym/Veilance money.
nonnative | n(n) | n(n) | rafpak
Definitely in!
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