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Hi sonlegoman, I'd like one Lavender and White Ghost Check in cotton, a lavender linen, a lime cotton, a pink cotton, and a red cotton gingham. I can't decide from the pictures which I would like more between the pink and the red, so we'll go with both! Let me know when and how you would like payment. If online, I can pay after I get home from work. As for the future, I like the idea of a pastel yellow. Plain or perhaps lightly striped or window-paned with a hunter...
If possible, I would recommend you take some closeups of the whole movement, the dial face, and the inside of the back case. This would provide more info to potential buyers.
I like the concept, but I think it's a balance issue with the patchwork; if the patches were smaller and the colors not so lop-sided I think I'd be a fan. I'm Scottish, though, so maybe that biases me!
As to Jos Banks I was there yesterday for the 50% off sale ( I knew it didn't include shoes but I wanted to see if the salesman knew) anyway, I looked at some of the overcoats that were basically firesale. Like 70% off. They call it Out the Door or something sale. The stitching looked loose on the inside but I noticed no severe padding. I didn't bother to try anything on though, sorry. I would get a 3/4 length though. Not only does it protect your thighs from the wind,...
I don't have anything I've lost worth complaining about, but this thread made me think about how much I care about some of my garments. I imagine everyone has little attachments to their things. I mean, I have this one jacket that I bought right before college (too long ago now) and it has been everywhere with me; dates, pubs, exams, NYC, London, France, interviews, work, left at the park overnight, even to a party where I met a countess. I think the memories that I have...
PM sent on the Magee. Thanks.
I'm glad these were authenticated, and I see no issue with resaling goods on the side. Also, I wouldn't really be amazed if they do nothing to prevent her from doing this again if she actually wanted to try. Those who got them; enjoy them!
They're called shoe trees, instead of tree shoes. Not a big deal. They are nice, it's too bad the holidays have me strapped!
I'm curious, have have you worn them only one day? Do they not fit you well?
I wanted to give a thumbs up to: jhcam8, Nataku, tweedydon, and AnGeLiCbOrIs. All have been smooth transactions and nice to deal with. I would like to give special recognization to cmeisenzahl though. I made a purchase through him, which, after a couple weeks hadn't shown. He had discarded the tracking information thinking I had received the item, and I hadn't bothered him what with the holiday (assumed USPS was running slow). However, he was quite upstanding and gave me...
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