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Fun fact - Mr. Klein and I are the same size. So the tough choice really is whether to keep or make fat stacks.
Can you direct me to the thrifties thread for 2015 please
I win
That feel when the dude doesn't even bother making an offer... http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=121628309293
Two other finds today. L is avail M unavailable
Any of you guys fly fisherman? Snagged this today - fits a small, avail
Yes. Which is saying something considering that RO you have...
I'd say it's the perfect spring jacket - I see guys in G9s over an OCBD and chinos constantly in my office building.
Don't judge, bro be creating demand.
Pics from yesterday's haul. More of that Loro Piana quadrata Steven Alan cowichan M AE Haight 8D Dainite soles J Crew linen cotton 40r Mark Mcnairy USA made OCBD XL A bunch of outlier. Sizes XS, M, and Xxl EG Fits a small
New Posts  All Forums: