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Whoa. This sounds incredible. Are there Doyles in stock in any of the NYC Metro shops that I could try on?
If you don't figure out a way to keep that Kiton I'll be very disappointed in you.
Alfred Sargent, right?
It is. My TOJ is bemberg lined (upgrade from sateen).
These are made by Church's, FYI, pre-Prada as well.
I snagged a pair of the seconds maybe 9 months ago when they first popped up. Quality was fine, just cosmetic issues on mine. No warranty service though I don't think. I'm a 9D on Barrie/Trubalance and went with an 8.5D in the 1Ks and they've been great.
Lately when I open this thread it's just a bunch of this. How about we all just post cool finds a little more and bicker a little less.
PM/Payment sent. 'Bout fucking time you got something nice with a [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: