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I'm an 8.5 in chucks, 42 in GATs.
Doing some closet cleaning Anyone want a St. James sweater? Tagged a 34 US, fits like a small. Some spots on the front, hole in the cuff. Looking for cost of shipping only. Also, I've got an Armor Lux sweater, light greenish/gray. No tagged size but also works for a S. Good nick so looking for $10 + shipping.
Well dang.Yerp...current version, still on the website too!
Found some stuff. Gutted this isn't an XS, not that I need another Super loud holiday pants NWT goodness Thread first? Paraboot for small footed friends - 6.5 EU
I have a few repro pieces from Real McCoys, Buzz Rickson and have always opted for pieces that don't have the stenciling, but that's just because I like the cleaner look, not anything to do with the fact that I've never been in the miltary. That being said I would feel a bit squeamish about something like this though actually has rank insignia, but to wear something with a more general stencil...
Looks good man. Who gifted you the IHs?
Keep that.
Dude more pics sharpish. WTF.
Aw man no YH1s?!?!?! I picked up a Napoli spread collar yesterday at Proper Kit, the fit is great - the chambray has to be seen in person to be believed - if any of you are on the fence you really need to jump on the deal!
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