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Gonna need more pics of dat dawg.
Couldn't agree more. I like the lucrative pickups as much as the next guy, but for me the whole "love of the game" has always centered around the interesting stuff, regardless of saleability.
Man things have been dry lately. Today was a little better Why not
I am not sure, and google isn't being much help. If anyone knows please feel free to advise!
Thanks for the include Razl! As always, 10% the current asking price with codeword razl.
This suit is bespoke, made by Loro Piana (not just with LP fabric). I picked it up about a year ago, and I'm only just now coming to grips with the fact that it's a bit too tight tight when buttoned for me to pull off. Very appropriate for the upcoming fall/winter season. Two button, dual vent, beautiful wool cashmere blend fabric (I don't know the % either way). Working cuff buttons, trousers are flat front and uncuffed with very nice detailing. Bespoke, but measures...
Dat sleeve length tho
Mr. Big makes Bissinger look downright reasonable.
Spoo proving it's not just his thrifts that are fire.
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