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I'm too lazy to edit so take five bucks off all asking prices (except the Velva Sheen).Multiple purchase discount $2 per shirt, $5 per pants.
Hey guys, like I said I'm cleaning out my closet and have a ton of shirts and a few pairs of trousers to get rid of. Some other stuff may follow subsequently but need to start somewhere. I will probably move these over to the other place on Thursday so get while the getting is good. Happy to provide more photos and measurements where helpful. First, I've got a bunch of Brooks Brothers Extra Slim Fit shirts. These have all been infrequently worn - 4-5x at the most, some...
+1, CJ for Polo is US sizing.Source: I have multiple pairs CJ for Polo shooze that fit the way I would expect them to based on size marked.
grailed.txt my good friend, grailed.txt
Nice! That takes the grand total to just over $3500.
Yeah that's the real deal. The yellow stitching on the exterior interior label (the one that gives the fabric content) is a dead giveaway that it's mainline LP bespoke, if you happen to be missing the interior tag too.
Well, I'm no lawyer.
You don't have that shit trademarked?
Hey guys - I can take some pictures if there's any interest, but I'm cleaning out my closet and have a stack of Brooks Bros extra slim fit shirts I'm looking to pass on. 15x33 x4, 15.5x33 x 2 - all in very wearable stripes/checks. Also have a few other similarly sized shirts (~15/15.5 x ~33) from other decent makers (J Press York x1, Southwick for Ships x1, Southwick for Todd Snyder x2, BBBF x1, and a lone Kamakura). I was going to put a few lots together on eBay but as...
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