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It was a joke man. Feels.
Hangar Project has a few at the bottom of the page:http://www.hangerproject.com/promotions/black-friday.html
I was going to say pics or it didn't happen but
Good luck! Quick google tells me the $350 was prolly retail.flip talk [[SPOILER]]
Is thing. But probably not for $345 (can't see the real pricetag so shrug)
You are certainly not fucking around this week.
So that's where that Pvt. white went. Nice man.
Spew, what is this thred about?
I'm at just over 50% pre-taxes for the year using a similar formula as Brian which as a small-time/hobbyist seller I'm pretty happy with - I don't do enough volume and don't do returns so don't get FVF discounts, but I could probably improve this a bit by streamlining my shipping and maximizing the available discounts there.My formulas are:Pre-tax profit = Sale Price - Item Cost - Shipping Cost - Ebay Fee - Paypal FeeI then divide the pretax profit by my total revenues...
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