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This didn't get anywhere near enough love.
FYI if my SS is waiting for me to unveil, I put my office address as the shipping address and I am on vay-cay till the New Year so will post reaction then.
Thought for a sec there you thrifted a Jaguar and was all like
If I'm a 7.5 on the 1035 and a 8 on a 2030, what would I be on the 240 (looking to pick up a pair of hikers). Thinking I should go with a 7.5?
Agreed - these are the ones I found, two years ago actually.
Are those a recent pickup? I thrifted/sold a pair of those sometime last year - really really nice shoes.
Thanks for the include! I don't have a ton of wiggle room, but will offer $10 off the current asking price with codeword "RAZL."
No the greatest photo but pulled this YH out for the office holiday party today:
Yeah, with Somet they are spendy and take forever to restock (I waited for about 2-3 three months for the pair in black to come in) but really really nice. I also love that the weave of the denim is super tight, it's not a hairy or super slubby denim, more of a smooth finish, and not as heavy as a lot of makers at only 13.8oz, but I've found that works really well for year round wear and goes well with my overall vibe.I also like this model because the taper is pretty...
Measurements added.
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