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BB starts at 9.99 in my neck of the woods.
I'll be willing to bet that reason is one Mrs. Gmmcl.
Going for quality over quantity these days. USA Made Steven Alan M Cherry pop Wings and Horns 36 NWOB Billy Reid chukkas 10 And the kicker e-thrift-ish Alfred Sargent or C&J for Polo (bought with thrift funds at least) Think these haven't been worn outside judging by the heels With a brother from another mother (same maker for JCrew courtesy of Tben) In situ What kind of welt is this?
This just popped back up in my dreambox after a few months. If it fits I'll have some reason to look forward to next winter.
Also, I did pick up an Anderson and Sheppard (my 3rd post in this thread ) for maybe $15 that eventually sold for $330 so yeah but no pics as it was from maybe 2009...
The A2 on that archive site starts at $600 and is currently $780 so I'd imagine a suede harrington would be in the $650-700 range.
Whoa. This sounds incredible. Are there Doyles in stock in any of the NYC Metro shops that I could try on?
If you don't figure out a way to keep that Kiton I'll be very disappointed in you.
Alfred Sargent, right?
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