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He's literally the dumbest/worst scammer ever.
Done. Will report back if/when they respond.
At least he's not fighting you on the return.
You must not own an A2.
That's not just a tag showing up, Im pretty sure that dude is just using Spoo's photos.
I'd probably just throw both words in the title "Dolce & Gabanna Soft Navy 100% Cotton Shirt Jacket Shacket" or something like that. Shacket alone probably won't get a lot of search traffic.
I've seen very schlubby linen before - usually IME though it comes with quite a bit of wear in linen.
Well fucking done.
Only one find today. Medium, available.
Why don't you guys require immediate payment on your BINs? Doesn't help on OBO but I still have people buy at my asking price without offering (I love those guys).
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