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Five pairs of shoes for sale. All prices listed are inclusive of Paypal and shipping to the Continental United States. International shipping is generally OK, please just let me know where you live and I'll give you a quote. Trees are not included. More photos of all pairs in the gallery view, and I'm happy to take any more photos as needed.Billy Reid Indianola chukkas, tan. Size 10. New, no box. Distressed suede, leather sole, two eyelet chukka. Great summer shoe....
Dang G-Mickey.
If you're kopping for resale on That Website, don't. Fine for personal use though.
What kind of welt is this? Storm welt?
A BB shirt is 9.99 and up, most other shirts are 4.99 on average, RL will be higher.Suits start at 24.99 usually and up.Shoes...probably 14.99 and up from there.
New with tags, bought last year, never altered, never hemmed. $100$90 shipped and Paypaled each, or $175 for both CONUS. Can provide actual photos on request.
Quick and dirty. J Press x Ovadia and Sons (thrift) Uniqlo (thrift) Epaulet (thrift) Tanner Goods (retail) Alfred Sargent for Polo (e-thrift)
Thom Grey by Thom Browne grey OCBD, XL extremely nice details, on par with my Thom Browne mainline OCBDs. NWT Huntsman and KFS ties - KFS feels like an ancient madder even though it doesn't say it. And this bad boy. Likely N/A
What will the cost be on the derby?
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