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Morning Spoo.
Thrift fit: Jacket - FSC x Harris Tweed (sample sale) Shirt - BBBF (dude at BE for less than thrift price) Tie - Saks house label navy cashmere (ethrift) Trousers - JPress buckle back flannels (sample sale) Shoes - C&J for BB (BE) Watch - Rodina (grilled)
This is the key here - there are many good, effective, and massive non-profit organizations out there that require sophisticated management . Two examples are the International Rescue Committee and Save the Children USA - both have annual operating budgets of ~USD600million, a large percentage of which comes from USAID and other government donors which require incredibly complicated management and reporting, not to mention thousands of staff in multiple countries to be...
Christian Dior
Those are Alfred Sargent. Likely those were for Polo Ralph Lauren or less likely for J Crew.Edit: since you're in the UK those could be for a UK shop of some sort or just straight Alfred Sargent even.
I'm not a huge BBBF fan, except for the OCBDs. I'm going to miss those.
No.The thing is, your stuff is shit because it's shit, not because anyone else's stuff is nicer.
They are very very warm. If you're looking to pick one up, check out the current Unionmade sale, where they have a bunch of colorways (including navy) at 40% off.
@Letric @Tweets For your bean boots finds, if size isn't marked on the sole there is often a small fabric tag sewn on the inside of the boot on the instep side where the tongue splits off from the interior of the upper. You may need to unlace the boots and dig around but IME 9/10 it's there, particularly on Tweets shearling. that being said unfortunately 7/10 if you do find a tag it'll be too worn and faded to make out the sizing. Also if there's a removable insole, that...
This is getting nowhere near enough love.
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