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Yohji Yamamoto
Working on iPhone. (4S/iOS 7)
Dat J Crew.Just came back from the J Press Spring Sample Sale...picked me up one of these. It was actually pretty amazing because I was hoping this specific piece would be there, and found it in khaki which I couldn't really justify. Then as I was about to walk out I saw it in navy draped over a table - asked around if anyone had put it down while trying something on, no one said yes, so I grabbed it and checked out:http://www.jpressonline.com/trench-coat-navy-1/
.Def Cheaney.
If you can post an interior label shot it would help, but I've seen multiple pairs by Cheaney.
^^^Hackett is a good. If it's a 38s please let me know thanks.
Discount brag. Stopped by the APC overstock sale in Brooklyn today and snagged these. Surprised to find anything in my size as all the other footwear there was a size 12-13. Really great house shoes.
Illegible handwriting inside an English made pair of shoes can only mean one thing - Church's.
This is late, but it was nothing but the hipster cut.
Five pairs of shoes for sale. All prices listed are inclusive of Paypal and shipping to the Continental United States. International shipping is generally OK, please just let me know where you live and I'll give you a quote. Trees are not included. More photos of all pairs in the gallery view, and I'm happy to take any more photos as needed.Billy Reid Indianola chukkas, tan. Size 10. New, no box. Distressed suede, leather sole, two eyelet chukka. Great summer shoe....
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