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WTF kind of thrift closes at 6 I swear...
You do realize this is the most active thread on all SF right? Not sure the "livening up" was really necessary.
D'oh. I reed gud.
I'm so confused - someone went to the FBI and reported you for an eBay transaction?
Code: Wingtip shoes, black. Made by Crockett and Jones for Ralph Lauren. Size is 9.5D US. Please be sure of your sizing as I do not accept returns. Heel padding lifting a bit, normal wear to soles, uppers are in good condition. Asking $oldshipped conus.
I'll give it a shot, but only ever get a second chance offer accepted maybe 10% of the time.
Dude has private feedback. Never a good sign.
Hey Spoo - congrats on 15k feedback!
@TJGent87 tenacious in Bklyn. T&A Bespoke C&J for RL Ties: top to bottom Ben Silver, BB, Barneys, Altea, VV x3, Ferragamo, Hermes, Charvet, J Crew made in USA x2
Cantarelli.And on dem EGs!
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