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Well, I'm no lawyer.
You don't have that shit trademarked?
Hey guys - I can take some pictures if there's any interest, but I'm cleaning out my closet and have a stack of Brooks Bros extra slim fit shirts I'm looking to pass on. 15x33 x4, 15.5x33 x 2 - all in very wearable stripes/checks. Also have a few other similarly sized shirts (~15/15.5 x ~33) from other decent makers (J Press York x1, Southwick for Ships x1, Southwick for Todd Snyder x2, BBBF x1, and a lone Kamakura). I was going to put a few lots together on eBay but as...
I don't get out much anymore, and when I do I'm super picky.
@Funcheese I know this post was made with the intent to be helpful, but I'd like to suggest that this kind of post detailing YH's competitors in the shirting space probably would have been better kept to a private message.
Neither of those are selvedge, sorry man.
Whoa, more pics of that?
PM sent on that Mesa Boogie dayummmm
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