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Three staple BB shirts - spread collar, non iron, size 15.5x33. One is NWT, the others have been very lightly worn (1-2x each). I believe that based on the green tag color these are the extra slim or Milano fit (the sizing is consistent with other Milano shirts I own). I'd prefer to sell as a lot for $old, shipped to the USA.
Three BBBF OCBD shirts in excellent condition. Solid navy, blue and gray buffalo check, and a navy/white micro check. Asking $old
Width Length Cappelli 3 5/8" 58.5" Zegna Cash 3.5" 61" M Greenfield 3.25" 59" Saks Cash 3" 57" RLBL 3" 57" Asking prices: Cappelli $old Zegna Charcoal Cashmere Su Misra $old M Greenfield Blue Satin $old Saks Navy Cash $old RLBL $0ld Asking prices include US shipping. $5 off for each tie purchases after the first.
Stupid good deals to be had right now.
Spoo mostly beat me to it but really, what's the point of anything?
BB England are old Cheaney.
Spoo that B3 holy shit
^^^ Ashland is great stuff. This is my natural shell purchased ~2yrs back.
This didn't get anywhere near enough love.
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